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The Gregg Allman Band

Formed: August 23 1986
  • blues rock
  • southern rock

The Gregg Allman Band

The Gregg Allman Band, also known as Gregg Allman & Friends, was a Southern rock/blues rock group that Gregg Allman established and had led since the 1970s, during periods when Allman has been recording and performing separate from the Allman Brothers Band and has chosen not to perform exclusively as a solo artist.

Line ups: 1986-1988

(At the time of I'm No Angel and Just Before The Bullets Fly)

Gregg Allman – Hammond Organ, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals

Dan Toler – Guitar

David Toler – Drums

Bruce Waibel – Bass Guitar, Background Vocals

Tim Heding – Keyboards, Background Vocals

Charles "Chaz" Trippy – Percussion

Recent line up:

Gregg Allman – Vocals, guitar, Hammond B-3

Floyd Miles – Percussion, vocals

Bruce Katz – Keyboards

Scott Sharrard – Guitar

Jerry Jemmott – Bass

Steve Potts – Drums

Jay Collins – Horns