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Picture Frame Seduction

Picture Frame Seduction (PFS) is a hardcore punk band from Haverfordwest, Wales. The band's influences included their peers of the day, Charged GBH and Discharge. With many other bands of the time like The Varukers, they helped develop the hardcore punk scene in the United Kingdom in the early to mid-1980s. References to this are found in the written sections below. Picture Frame Seduction won the Anti Nuclear Alliance, battle of the bands in 1982 recording Nuclear Free Zone in Berkshire which was never released. Nik Turner of Hawkwind casting the band their winning vote. The song later came to light on a band discography album in 2006 on Grand Theft Audio Records in Los Angeles, USA. The title is referred below as Stop the Bloody Slaughter The band signed with the Mansfield punk rock label Rot Records in 1984. After a number of UK tours and releasing various singles, albums and compilations on various UK punk rock labels, the band split in 1987. The band's last show at this time is recorded at the 100 club London in November 1986. The original line up reconvened in October 1987 for a one off show in their home town of Haverfordwest.

They then caused controversy in 1987 by releasing "Try" ("With a Little Help from My Friends" by The Beatles) as a charity record. Michael Jackson owned the rights to the piece, and his representatives refused permission for the release of the PFS version. The release led to Daily Star and Today newspaper headlines in the UK.

Guitarist Mark Bozier died in 1990 at the age of 26 from heart failure as a result of increased asthma attacks after a period of time in hospital and not of any drug or alcohol disorder as has been incorrectly reported in recent years. The band reformed in 2003, releasing further material in CD and vinyl formats. Since then, the band has played at big punk festivals such as Rebellion Festival and Punk n' Disorderly in Berlin and Vienna, and at Rebellion UK shows. PFS recruited a new guitarist in early 2008. Ashley Shannon stayed with the band for 18 months playing shows across Europe notable in Bratislava, Berlin and Vienna. Robin Folland re-joined the band in November 2009, and Ashley departed - for a short while at least, with an open invitation to return. In 2010 the band appeared at the Rebellion festivals in England and Italy ( Venice ) Robin, Keith, Steve and Griff are now back together and after a worrying illness ( Keith suffered a heart attack and has heart disease called atrial fibrilation ) they plan to continue the PFS project for as long as is possible.

Picture Frame Seduction are currently ( end 2011 ) taking time out from recording, playing and performing their indisputable and easily identifiable hardcore punk sound. Plans are afoot to reconvene in late 2013 to celebrate the bands success by way of some shows in the USA and UK.

Queer Pills records ( USA ) have released the bands highly regarded album ' Hand of the Rider ' ( 1983 / 84 ) on vinyl on their label in California in December 2012, it includes the first single tracks from 1984 ' Im good enough for me ' EP.

During 2015 lead singer Keith took it upon himself to remove the elements from within the band that had proven negative. To that end Ewen Hyde joined on drums and eventually after some rehearsals with others Josh Read and Dave Pearce. This is now the bands confirmed line up. New tracks were recorded in Bristol, UK in July 2016 after some recent successful shows in Greece and England with a view to a release at the end of the year.