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Concrete Sox

Concrete Sox are a British crust punk band. They are largely seen as an early crossover thrash band who incorporated many thrash metal-like riffs in the style of their earlier recordings.

Formed in 1984 following jam sessions with Gabba (Chaos UK/F.U.K.), Kalv (Heresy/Geriatric Unit) and various friends, the band was founded by Vic Timoveric with Les Duly. Not set on a permanent name, they once gigged as "Concrete Evidence", but the name "Concrete Sox" (Vic's parody of a Nottingham band "Steam Roller Gloves") became the band's official name.

Their first release was the LP Your Turn Next in 1985 on COR records followed by a split LP with Heresy on Earache Records in 1986.

Concrete Sox were one of the more established of the British hardcore / crust punk influenced thrash bands during the mid to late 1980s. They are also credited with being one of the pioneers of the punk/metal crossover music movement (along with other bands i.e. Sacrilege/English Dog/Onslaught/Deviated Instinct etc.).

For several years their early work was out of press, but the Your Turn Next and Whoops Sorry Vicar were re-released in September 2012 on the band's own label, SoxCore Records in association with Boss Tuneage. The vinyl versions are on coloured vinyl and the CD releases have bonus tracks personally selected by Timoveric. New T-shirts will be released at the same time as the releases in Japan. Most of their recordings are also available via peer to peer networks and the band have made all their releases available for free through MediaFire.

Concrete Sox reformed in 2009 with a new line-up. After an unsuccessful tour in April 2010 (which was cancelled by the band after three shows), the line-up was disbanded. As of December 2012, original/founding member Vic Timoveric is working with a new line-up, including the return of Pug on drums and the addition of Lambert and Michèle (vocals) and Brownie (bass). The band are now managed by Dave McAllister and are planning tour dates and new recordings for 2013