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Onoken is a musician who makes his music electronically and frequently uses the electric organ to produce solidable tunes. A resident of Tokyo, Japan, Onoken speaks both Japanese and English, but apparently prefers Japanese. Recently, he took up Korean as his third language, hoping to enter the Korean market. Onoken's works are quite diverse, ranging from goa trance to Digital hardcore. Most Onoken songs have a BPM divisible by 10, but this is not always the case.

Onoken did the music for the sci-fi mystery game "I/O" for the PlayStation 2. The game was only released in Japan.

Much of Onoken's popularity emerged as a result of Stepmania, but his popularity in Asia comes from his Be-Music Script files.

Several of Onoken's works are found in albums from the Diverse System label, such as "Hello, Boss" and the "D" series. Onoken apparently released a "Best Of" album in Japan, but is no longer sold due to popular demand. His latest solo album release was "Swell Strings" which was also a huge success in the Japan market.

Onoken also releases limited remix albums, the "O" series, of his original songs. Other musicians from his bulletin board remix his songs and every once in a while, an album is released with these remixes.

During Comiket 80, Onoken released his second album, titled Blue Orb.