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Archibald T. Davison

Born: October 11 1883


Archibald T. Davison

Archibald Thompson Davison (11 October 1883 – 6 February 1961) was an American musicologist, conductor, composer and music educator.

Davison was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He completed his studies in music at Harvard University, finally graduating in 1908 with a PhD. He is best remembered for his work as editor of the two volumes of 'The Historical Anthology of Music', done together with Willi Apel. He died in Brant Rock.

His compositions were completed early in life, and none of them are part of the standard repertoire.

His musicology writings include:

The Harmonic Contributions of Claude Debussy, 1908

Choral Conducting, 1940

The Technique of Choral Composition, 1945

The Historical Anthology of Music Volume I: Oriental, Medieval and Renaissance Music, 1949

The Historical Anthology of Music Volume II: Baroque, Rococo and Pre-Classical Music, 1950