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Formed: September 25 2017

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Pornophonique is a German electronic duo from Darmstadt, Germany. It was formed by Kai Richter and Felix Heuser. They use a Commodore 64 and a Game Boy to produce their trademark 8-bit electronica sound. While guitarist and singer Richter also handles the C64, Heuser is responsible for the Game Boy sounds. They describe themselves as “Gameboy meets Lagerfeuer” (Game Boy meets campfire).

In 2003, both decided to start a project called Pornophonique, but due to the little response from labels, Richter and Heuser decided to provide their music on the Internet for free. This helped them to get more popular outside the comic or computer scene and for example over 50,000 listeners listened more than 850,000 times to their songs on the website

In 2007 they released their debut album 8-bit Lagerfeuer which includes eight songs about topics like sad robots and the loneliness in the dungeon of a computer role-playing game. Pornophonique performed at more than 100 concerts in five different countries (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal).