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José Ayerve

Born: April 28 1974
Born in: Bogotá, Colombia

José Ayerve

José Ayerve (born April 28, 1974) is a recording artist/singer and songwriter and the front man for northeast-based indie rock groups Spouse and Nuclear Waste Management Club. He has released a number of singles and albums on vinyl and CD and is a frequent collaborator with a number of musicians and bands (see Discography).

In addition, Ayerve is a recording engineer and producer for not only his own projects, but also for artists that include Winterpills, Lo Fine, Sometymes Why, Pernice Brothers, Katie Sawicki Dennis Crommett, New Radiant Storm King, Michael Merenda, and Kristen Gass.

He has also helped co-write the single "Pega Luna Manny" along with Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers, a song about former Boston Red Sox player Manny Ramírez. which enjoyed moderate success when the Boston Red Sox won the world series that year, for the first time in 86 years. It was included in the credit roll at the end of the 2005 film, Fever Pitch.
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