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Downtempo Electronic trio UNA formed in 2006 around the edges of another LA trio "Elephonic", sharing members Jennifer Nice and Eddie Barajas. Producer Richard Larsen recorded a demo for Jennifer, and, after hearing her Latin soul vibe, started working on the EP The Rain is Over and Gone in late 2006. Soon Eddie B joined them and a full length release, entitled "one", followed shortly in mid-2007. Several songs were favored by influential radio station KCRW (home of Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt) and swept the LP to the top position, debuting at #1 in the US for unsigned bands in late 2007 (Mediaguide, ASCAP).

Using mostly downtempo jazz inspired grooves and Wurli electric piano, UNA proceeds to deliver profound pop with turntabalism, lending their vibe to what is called electronica but would otherwise be described as a new form arising from the aftermath of giants Portishead and Massive Attack. While not re-hashing those ideas yet remaining openly positive and spirited, UNA is moving into new territory with musical references to 50's sci-fi, exotica, soundtracks, and classical music.

In 2015, Scott Eric Olivier joined UNA. Scott adds drums, guitars, synths and other live instruments to the band.