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Formed: August 22 2017

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  • progressive metal
  • power metal


Triosphere is a Norwegian heavy metal band from Trondheim, Norway, created in 2004 by singer and bassist Ida Haukland, and guitarist Marius Silver Bergesen. They are defined by their heavy metal sound emphasising their power metal-like melodies and choruses, while also featuring progressive elements. Bergesen is the composer of all instrumental parts, with Haukland acting as lyricist, and composer of the vocal parts.

The band was originally formed as a trio consisting of Haukland, Silver, and drummer Ørjan Aare Jørgensen, who released their first EP Deadly Decadence in 2005. After expanding into a quartet the following year with the addition of second guitarist Tor Ole Byberg, they released their first album Onwards in 2006 and toured with various bands including W.A.S.P., Kamelot, Arch Enemy, and Sonata Arctica. Meanwhile, they released the albums The Road Less Travelled in 2010 and The Heart of the Matter in 2014, both to critical acclaim. Jørgensen left the band in March 2014 after recording his parts for The Heart of the Matter, and was replaced by Kenneth Tårneby in November.