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Floyd Turnham

Born: January 23 1909

Floyd Turnham

Floyd 'Payne' Turnham (January 23, 1909 – May 5, 1991) was an American R&B saxophonist in the 1950s, fronting the Floyd Turnham Combo.

Turnham was born in Washington state in 1909. The musician originally played alto saxophone with both the Les Hite and Lionel Hampton bands. After a job offer from bandleader Joe Liggins, Turnham switched to the baritone saxophone in 1950.

In 1952, Turnham signed with Jake Porter's Combo Records in Los Angeles, where he recorded the first of six singles for the label. Three of the singles featured vocals by Cledus Harrison, notably the single "No Parking After Eight" while two singles were recorded with vocals by Raymond Odoms- 'Heavy Dreams' and 'Alibi Baby'. Turnham also recorded the Louis Jordon-esque instrumental "Turnham's Greens" and a final instrumental, "Rocket Ride." Turnham also recorded for both the Aladdin and Aries labels before moving to Fort Worth, Texas. He died in 1991.