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Don McGlashan

Born: August 23 2017
Born in: Auckland, New Zealand

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Don McGlashan

Don McGlashan (born 18 July 1959) is a New Zealand composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist who won fame with bands Blam Blam Blam, The Front Lawn, and The Mutton Birds, before going solo. He has also composed extensively for cinema and television. Among other instruments, McGlashan has played guitar, drums, euphonium and French horn.

McGlashan has played with percussion group From Scratch, and bands The Bellbirds, The Plague, and composed a number of pieces for New Zealand's Limbs Dance Company.

McGlashan's first hits were with band Blam Blam Blam in the early 1980s. He later released four albums as lead singer and writer for The Mutton Birds.
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