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Announcing American Music Channel's new Showcase Artist Series

We've created a new series to showcase a handful of our artist members by promoting their featured videos, tracks, and articles.

As an artist, you want to make music and build your career, so creating connections with the right people in the industry is critical. How do you get your work noticed when you're busy writing songs, playing gigs and recording… all while navigating a sea of social networks with millions (nay, billions) of other users? How do you reach the people that matter?

American Music Channel's social discovery platform represents the future of building and maintaining quality relationships between all kinds of professionals in the music industry. Here, industry insiders and professionals interact directly with unsigned and independent artists, providing genuine opportunities to gain audiences with the individuals who can make things happen for your music.

Lots of eyes are on our discovery platform. When artists produce great music we want to help show it off. That’s why we created the Showcase Artist Series-- a recurring series which identifies and promotes interesting and notable artists and their content (music, videos, articles, etc.) on the front page of the American Music Channel web site, our community and various social and media outlets, and in traditional print and broadcast promotions. Participation in the program comes at no additional cost to registered users of our discovery platform, and all registered artist members are eligible to be selected for participation in the series.

The first round of selections will be announced soon so stay tuned!