We have been hard at work and the time is right for the big reveal...

Everyone here at American Music Channel is very excited to roll out our latest venture-- a new kind of discovery platform that connects independent/unsigned artists with music industry professionals. Today we are very excited to reveal this new platform to the public. We call it SoundEmerge.

What is SoundEmerge?

Image Credit: Oriravid (Own work) [CC]SoundEmerge is a social discovery platform that represents the future of building and maintaining quality relationships between all kinds of professionals in the music industry. Using this new platform, insiders and professionals interact directly with unsigned and independent artists, providing genuine opportunities to gain audiences with the individuals who can make things happen for their music careers. Built for all types of music professionals and genres, SoundEmerge brings together musicians, producers, artist management, promoters, videographers, sound and recording engineers, and many more! SoundEmerge enables these professionals to:

Build: Artists and professionals can build a meaningful presence and reputation within the music industry.

Connect: Artists and industry insiders can connect professionally and socially in a variety of interesting ways.

Amplify: Artists and professionals can be more effective in the development of their careers and in their interactions with the industry.

Free Subscriptions for New and Existing Users

New users please visit SoundEmerge to sign up; use the discount code listed above to start enjoying your free Diamond level subscription right away!

Existing users have already had a Diamond level subscription added to your profile. You can view your subscription details by logging in to SoundEmerge and clicking the Subscriptions tab at the top of the page.

Thanks and enjoy!

Hal Willis
Founder, Chairman & CEO
American Music Channel, Inc.