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Insider Spotlight: Roy L. Coffman

For fifty-one years Roy Coffman has been an active participant in the music and entertainment industry. Little did Roy know in June of 1965 that telling Roy Judge the General Manager of KWSH AM in Wewoka, Oklahoma that he wanted to be a DJ was going to open the doors to such and exciting life. Roy Judge had in his younger years been a trumpet player and tenor for the “Duke of Paducah” and a big fire was kindled in a young Disk Jockey.

By 1972 Coffman was doing the morning show at the legendary KADA-AM in Ada, Oklahoma and along with an accountant at East Central State College booked his first country music show in 1972 featuring Mel Tillis and Karen Wheeler. That coupled with developing a working relationship between the radio station and the Ken Lance PRCA Rodeo in Stonewall, Oklahoma kicked open the doors to the top country music entertainers of the 1970’s.

By 1980 Roy Coffman was doing morning drive for the Great Empire Broadcasting Company’s KYNN AM/FM and later WOW AM/FM. Being the largest owner of country music radio stations at the time the company booked and produced a large number of concerts with the top entertainers in country music. At that point as well a friendship with the legendary Don Romeo opened the doors to a large number of concerts including the rodeo’s and shows produced by the Knights of AkSarBen. In the last thirty-one years Roy Coffman has shared the stage with and worked with hundreds of entertainers throughout the United States and Canada.

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