Basic Information

Basic Information

Dáv Mikals
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27 TENTS LLC: Managing Director – Cofounder – Executive Producer


Here's a brief summary of some of the legends I'm working with for my Band - BLACK TRAIN 27:

Wayne TEX Gabriel - Lead Guitar (John Lennon/Elephant’s Memory/recorded w Mick Jagger/Mitch Ryder/Chuck Berry)

John Souki - Guitar

Eugene Moles - Guitar (Merle Haggard/Grand Ole'Opry)

Terry Wendt - Pedal Steel (Shania Twain)

Tony Coleman - Drummer (BB King)

Stan Saxon - Drummer (Daryle Singletary/Joey&Rory Show)

Louis "Flip" Winfield - Drummer (Wooten's)

David Lamar James - Keys (Boy Howdy)

Mark A. Corradetti - Bass

Dáv Mikals – Lead Singer/Songwriter/Founder/Creator

Producer - David Z (Prince - Purple Rain/Etta James/Billy Idol/Fine Young Cannibals)


Engineer -- Voytek Kochanek (Usher/Patti LaBelle/Ozzy/Whitesnake/Peter Frampton/Earth, Wind & Fire)

BLACK TRAIN 27's hard hitting rock songs, as well as beautiful ballads, have no genre or language boundaries, and address issues such as slavery (27 million at present), the carnage of heroin, legalization of marijuana, free speech, and the dark side of the music industry.

This international ensemble is comprised of 21 pieces, which includes 2 drummers, 2 bassists, 2 percussionists, 3 guitarists, 1 pedal steel guitarist, 2 keyboardists, 2 violinists, a 5 piece horn section, 1 utility player, and Dav Mikals on Lead Vocals.

BLACK TRAIN 27 is not afraid of the dark, and delivers the truth as they see it, addressing everyday issues to a world harnessed by oppression. Freedom is not to be taken lightly, as it comes with great responsibility, accountability, and action, for it is God's greatest gift to us, and no man, government, or religion can take that way.

“BLACK TRAIN 27 is more than just a musical experience. It is a lifestyle, an attitude, a cultural movement, and a journey, with poignant messages that exude freedom, touching all generations, ethnic groups & cultures, while embracing all genres,” said Dáv Mikals.
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