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Basic Information

Neilson Neves
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My name is Neilson Neves.

I am a singer and songwriter Sertanejo (Brazilian Country Music).
I sent my songs to the publisher of the label Som Livre. They liked it, and asked me an investor.
I am in search of investors to launch my CD for the whole of Brazil.

The Sertanejo (Brazilian Country Music) moves, on average, the numbers of R$ 7 billion of reais annually.

Enjoy a bit of my work on my Youtube Channel:

The financial return to the investor has the average term of 18 months, with profit, as shown in the reportage of the Profession Reporter, the Globe Network.
See the link below:

The Sertanejo (Brazilian Country Music), more than ever, it is an investment highly cost-effective.

Our music has national and international market guaranteed.
The largest sellers of discs are singers Reprisal.
The shows the region's inhabitants are always crowded.

My songs are songs, dances, and passionate.
The market of Country music is not felt the crisis, be an entertainment to liking the national. Your audience spans all social classes of the city and of the country’s interior.

Due to the large extension of the brazilian territory, there are shows the full year:
Regional events, Rodeos, Birthdays, Cities, Holidays of the Pawn, Farming Exhibitions, Festivals of Patron saints and Patron, in addition to concerts in the traditional houses of the spectacle of the Hinterland.

I am looking for investors to launch my work throughout Brazil and in other countries.

I am sure that we will make a partnership of many and many successes.

The Market of the Sertanejo (Brazilian Country Music) has always been a niche profitable for the artists and for the investors.

Stay in the peace.
Neilson Neves

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Musical Preferences

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