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Basic Information

Jerry Catalano
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I offer full service accounting, tax preparation, tax compliance and consulting services to recording artists, musicians and bands, recording labels and other entertainment industry businesses nationwide.

I work closely with recording artists and others in the music industry through every financial and tax aspect of their musical career. The services I provide are: Tax and Accounting Issues, Litigation Support for the music and entertainment industry, Expert Witness Services, Music Royalty Audits, Reviews of Recoupable Expenses, Penny Letters, Tour Budgeting, Tour Accounting, Asset Depreciation, Depreciation Schedules, Contracts, Program Budgeting, Tax Planning and much more!

I help entertainers worldwide, with entertainment industry tax, royalty and accounting issues. I provide entertainers an independent outlet to help manage or review finances. The difference between me and other professionals in the industry is that I do not share in a percentage of their entertainment revenues. This independence provides an additional trusted outlet to assess financial decisions. My entertainment niche provides the knowledge to manage financial needs and bring professional resources to the table for each growth phase.

My clients range from individuals who are part-time entertainers to seasoned industry professionals who have carved out successful careers. I provide for ALL entertainers including: Musicians, Film & Television, Event Planners, Producers, Directors, Dancers, Authors, Radio Personalities and more! The needs of our clients vary from tax return preparation and consulting to audit work related to their recording label expenses and royalty income.

I also specialize in Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit, Adoption Tax Credit, and Film Accounting that leads to a tax return.

My accounting firm Catalano, Caboor & Co. is 1 of only 8 listed on the Illinois Film Office website specializing in completing Illinois Film Production Tax Credits and Illinois Live Theater Tax Credits. If you or someone you know films TV, movies or advertising in Illinois I can be of great use!

Other industries I specialize in are: Transportation, The Construction Industry, Ongoing Technology Operations and Start-ups, Printing, Manufacturer Representatives, Advertising, The Automotive Industry, Medical Services, Research and Development, Broadcast Media and more! You can learn more on the Catalano, Caboor & Co. website.

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If you or someone you know ever needs assistance with music royalty audits or other entertainment industry related accounting, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Feel free to email me and ask for my free The Music CPA Starter Package, which is a zip folder that includes useful information and a list of entertainment industry related professionals that I recommend, including some great Booking Agents, Entertainment Attorneys, Music Licensor, Artist Managers, Television Producer, Post Audio Studio, a captioning company and International Promoters/Publicists and more.

I hope your year is full of good health and prosperity!
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