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Basic Information

Benjamin Smith
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A “Red Neck” rock band with “Red Dirt” roots, “Mid West” heart, and California swagger. We are spread out across the nation from San Francisco to Tulsa. When the family comes together the music begins.

It began in Grove Oklahoma. The cousins of the family would occasionally get together and jam on the Smith front porch that overlooks Grand Lake. Uncle Ben and his cousin Jason Alfaro decided to start recording some of the tunes. The magic began with the addition of Jeremiah Harrison’s incredible guitar work on those recordings. Over a period of two years a group of talented rednecks from diverse backgrounds bound together by blood and life long friendships entered the studio to lay tracks. The result is the music you hear on this site with many, many more songs to come.

We are a group of sophisticated redneck surfers from San Francisco & hard working educated cowboy’s from Oklahoma. A band that plays, prays, and rocks together. RDRB has strong political beliefs based on God, family, personal liberty, and our love for this country. Never hiding our faith but wearing it as a badge of honor. Our convictions are reflected and expressed with passion in everything we do especially in our music.

Some people call it “Out Law Country“. Others Call It “Red Dirt Music“. We simply just call it “Red Dirt Rock“. What started out as cousins jamming on the front porch of a lake house turned into recording sessions that produced the music you hear now and WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!
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