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Basic Information

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KJug Guitars exists to create guitars that not only sound great, but also give you one helluva bang for your buck.

This is NOT a company founded on metric established processes, mega square footage factories, or claiming to be the best of anything. We don't own a CNC lathe.

Expect premium pickups, full size pots, orange drop caps, new switches and new wiring in our upgrades. Many guitars will get new locking tuners as well.

Every used guitar has been thoroughly gone over. As a minimum they get new strings, neck adjusted, set up and polished. Some guitars can serve a purpose at a low enough price point to NOT warrant upgrading. We try to serve all types of players out there.

This IS a company that believes installing better components in previously well made bodies/necks can put a formidable weapon in the hands of an up and coming guitar slayer!

We do not have name brand bias. If it sounds good.... PLAY IT!

If your KJug Guitar sounds damn good to you and it's thousands less than the big name brands, then rock on and make your mark in the world.

There are many out there that have the means to own a one of a kind custom guitar. We're here to serve your needs as well. Take a look in the custom shop, put some ideas together, come up with a budget, and let me know what you want. We'll be on the same page, and your new custom guitar will be born!

So take a look at my guitar store, find what you want, and put a KJug Guitar in your band. You don't have to be a guitar technician to know what you want to hear, just give me a shout and say, "build my guitar!". Just like you, we're the next big thing!

We're constantly working to upgrade guitars, our website, and our services to you, the working guitarist.

Contact us if you're looking for a particular guitar. If we don't have it, we'll create it!

Thanks for being part of our journey, and a big thanks for letting KJug Guitars be a part of yours.

Ken Jenkins
Founder and Owner KJug Guitars
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