Stephanie Urbina Jones - I Wanna Dance With You

By Steve Baker in Music 868 views 22nd August 2016 Video Duration: 00:03:34 - If there ever was a song that captures the Latin country spirit of living and loving life, it is "I Wanna Dance With You". I sat in the sunshine one afternoon with co-writers James Slater and Mark Marchetti and called in this fiery fun one, laughing all the way. It is, to date, one of my favorite songs to sing as its spirit is contagious and gets people singing and dancing right along.

About the video:
At the end of a two month tour of Europe, I followed my crazy heart and dream back to the small town of Gijon in Northern Spain to shoot the video for "I Wanna Dance With You". This video was inspired by the passion and hearts of the people in it, my hispanic heritage and this amazing club, the Savoy.

People all over the world love our culture and music! It was wonderful to share a part of our latin country/ americana slice of life with them. Every step has been a blessing: from writing, to recording, to performing and filming it always makes me smile and of course, WANNA DANCE!! CHA CHA CHA!

About Stephanie:
The San Antonio native is passionate about bringing the Hispanic and Latin heritage to the Country/Americana music worlds and beyond through her unique blend of bicultural music. It is through her collection of powerful Texicana country rock songs that she brings listeners on the journey that brought her through the wreckage to the resurrection of her heart and eventually to the revolución en her corazón.
For the last few years, the Latin Country/Americana artist has been winning international acclaim while shattering traditional music industry boundaries and genres. The Austin American-Statesman says, “Stephanie has what most people would regard as the right tools for her chosen life’s work: an agile songwriter’s pen; a smoky supple voice; devastating good looks; and a refreshing lack of music orthodoxy. But Jones real gifts are an adamant determination, a healthy skepticism about fast buck payoffs, and a work ethic that would put John Henry and his hammer to shame.”
Her heart, musical direction and dedication to helping others were shaped by growing up in San Antonio, where her grand- mother, Señora Jones, served as the unofficial welcome wagon of immigrants, whom she helped navigate in this strange new world while finding them jobs and housing. “I spent Sunday afternoons at my abuelita’s (grandmother’s) house where we would have barbecues in her backyard, listening to country greats like Waylon and Willie as well as border music from Mexico while mariachis rehearsed in the neighborhood. I was blessed to soak up all of these different cultures and music as a child.”
After her parents divorced she moved to the hill country town of Fredericksburg, Texas, where she spent weekends two-stepping in honkytonks and being immersed in the music of the Kerrville Folk Festival.
Her love of music began early, when she would listen to Carole King’s Tapestry and Linda Ronstadt albums on her record player. After graduating from the University of Texas, she decided that music was the only thing that she could put her heart into, so she landed music business jobs in Austin before moving to Nashville. After working for an artist management company and producer Randy Scruggs, she landed a songwriting deal with hit songwriter Jim McBride and Sony/ ATV/ Tree. She planned on remaining behind the scenes as a writer until she visited her dying grandmother, whose last words to her changed the course of her life.
“She took my hand and said, ‘Mija (little girl), you are going to be a voice for our people. Your music will carry our culture in song all over the world.’
“After she passed, I went to Mexico and studied because I wanted to know more about my Hispanic heritage. I fell in love with the people and their hearts and had an awakening that this was mine to do.” The first song she wrote in Mexico, “Revolución,” sparked her new career direction as a performer/songwriter.
She got her first cut when country star Lorrie Morgan recorded “Shakin’ Things Up” and made it the title track of her album. Jones recorded it herself and became the first independent female artist to hit No. 1 on the Texas Music Chart, a spot she held for five weeks
As her career exploded, other artists reached new heights with her songs. After winning NBC’s The Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd released her song “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart.
With her new release, Fiery Angel, she arrives as a woman who inspires, a songwriter who bravely explores the heart’s darkest corners and a singer who interprets the highs and lows of life with vulnerability, passion and intimacy while carrying the heart of her bicultural roots to audiences all over the world. Her work is deeper and richer and she is more focused than ever before.
“One of the reasons why I wanted to put this album out, especially now that I am on the other side of it, is because maybe just maybe one of these songs will inspire someone else to keep moving through their own fire till they get to the other side. There is something powerful about the burning away of all of the things that I thought were important to make way for this great, inspired life to come through. If people can get a glimpse of believing or experiencing their own faith through my music, then my job is done.”
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ISRC Code: USBAE1591704
Song IPI: BMI# 14567394
Songwriters IPI: SESAC#321409, BMI# 53943667, BMI# 131979459
Publisher IPI: BMI# 628653915, SESAC#290029578, SESAC# 576948483

Used with full permission of artist and label

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Label: Piper 4 Records, Ltd.

ISRC: UKCWC1700002
Song IPI# EJNW-311021-0450-00

Songwriters: Paula McPeake
Songwriters’ IPI#: PRS #741161374
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Publisher: The Music of Pam Rose (Admin. Bluewater Music Services Corp.)
Publisher IPI#: SESAC# 683041845
American Blonde’s music video, “Quicksand,” offers mesmerizing viewing. While the focus is on the natural beauty of...
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Label: Southern Halo, LLC

TRT: 2:52
ISRC: USBAE2196345
Song IPI# BMI# 47171352

Songwriters: Natalia Morris / Jimmy Nash
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 775425024 / BMI# 493118350

Publisher: Halo Baby Music / Every Word Counts Publishing
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 368019253 / BMI# 592574120
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Label: Independent

ISRC: QZNWZ2039371
Song IPI# BMI# 48468160

Songwriters: Amber DeLaCruz / Rizzi Myers
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 722944537

Publisher: Madden Edward Publishing
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 76555987
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Gary Morris is known world-wide for his vocal mastery, able to hold audiences mesmerized and overwhelmed by the pure beauty and inspiration of his voice. Morris is known for the 1983 ballad "The Wind Beneath My Wings", although his credits include more than twenty-five other chart singles on the Billboard country charts, including five No. 1 hits. He has also released nine studio albums, mostly in the country pop vein, with his 1983 album Why Lady Why having earned a gold certification from the RIAA.

Label: LogRhythm Music

Running time: 3:47

ISRC: USVCJ1003009
Song IPI# BMI# 4740368

Songwriters: Dottie Moore, John McElroy
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 242350206 / BMI# 062661973

Publisher: LogRhythm Music
Publisher IPI#: BMI#227440584
Looking for Will Carter?
You might start in Katy, his hometown, not far from Houston. Or you could check at some...
Looking for Will Carter?
You might start in Katy, his hometown, not far from Houston. Or you could check at some of the hottest honky-tonks and clubs in southeast Texas, where if you’re lucky you’ll be near the stage as the Will Carter Band hit their opening song. It won’t take long before their true country music sweeps you and the rest of the crowd onto the dance floor.
Unlike so much else of what we hear today, Carter’s music rides on a silent but unmistakable undercurrent. It nourishes his songs with a sense that he writes from experience. It nurtures an impression that he was taught from Day One to work hard with the hand you’re dealt and pursue your passion only when you know you have the knowledge you need to succeed.
These lessons began at home, through the example of his father, who valued self-sufficiency in life and business. After his passing, Carter would take a job at his stepfather’s construction firm. Once he had earned his BS in construction science with a minor in business administration at Texas A&M, he would work for several of the largest general contracting firms in Houston before branching out on his own.
Few performers in any genre can match Carter’s blend of native talent, determination and drive. Good Bad Idea doesn’t just make this clear, it also signals the launch of a career that will capture the allegiance of young and old, those who savor old-school and those who can’t wait for school to let out for spring break. And here’s another sure bet: Carter’s ready to ride, right now.
Ticking down his mental list, he notes, “The band and I are solid. We’ve got our songs together. Our show is tight.” He muses for a second and then laughs. “I guess all that’s left is to hop on the bus, hit the road and get out of town.”
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Label: Way Back Records

ISRC: USA2P1962046
Song IPI# BMI# 43232241

Songwriters: Will Carter, Shane Smith, Nash Overstreet
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 6992325000, BMI# 401264605, BMI# 463757916

Publisher: Purplebeatz, Flexitarian Music, Holy Graffiti Music
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 1076047561 / #1012509315 / #724499711
“This is a great version by Stevie Lee Woods . I have listened to people trying to cover Elton songs for many years...
“This is a great version by Stevie Lee Woods . I have listened to people trying to cover Elton songs for many years . The first time I heard this, I thought wow this is great . Giving his own interpretation, giving the song new meaning . Not surprising both Elton and Bernie like it . I’m sure everyone will. Best regards and Every success” - Stuart Epps – producer (Since 1967, British record producer, Stuart Epps has worked with Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Twisted Sister, Nine Lies, Bill Wyman, Kiki Dee, George Harrison, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Paul Weller, Cliff Richard, Bad Company, Barry White and Chris Rea.)

Country Music star Stevie Lee Woods announces the release of his fantastic cover of the Elton John classic, Something About The Way You Look Tonight.

Stevie Lee Woods was born and raised in Bluefield, Virginia in a family with extensive musical background. His Father, Buddy Woods was a lead guitarist and previously had worked as a sideman for such artists as Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, Eddie Arnold and a number of other distinguished musicians. His brothers David and Greg are also gifted musicians who played music in Virginia and Florida after Stevie decided to move to Nashville TN in the early 90's.

The move to Nashville ended up being a good move for Stevie as he landed his first record deal in 1993 releasing Two Charted singles one of which went to Number 1 on the then Cash Box Charts and the other made it into the Top 20. "Is There Anything Left", written by accomplished songwriter Jerry Fuller was a song that opened many doors for Stevie as it landed him major representation by such agencies as Buddy Lee Attractions and World Class Talent in Nashville. From such representation Stevie began his career appearing and touring with such artists as Lorrie Morgan, John Michael Montgomery, Martina McBride, Diamond RIO, Brooks and Dunn. He was also an annual guest on the annual Country across America Tour which was a Major Country Music Extravaganza.

After his second single was released, Stevie was asked to be a part of a Worldwide tour covering such places as London, Scotland, Germany, and some parts of Asia with such artists as Freddy Fender and Grand Ole Opry members Del Reeves, Jim Ed Brown and many others which was a huge success and thus was repeated immediately the next season.

Stevie has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry as well as hosted his own Television show in the 90's along with the recording artist Sylvia for the USA Network entitled Today’s Hot Country. Stevie has enjoyed success in music and has had his videos on or still on GAC, CMT, Zuus Country and more Worldwide. His music has been on Radio on a Global Scale.

Stevie’s show Stevie Lee Woods & Friends is a nonstop High Energy show including one of his celebrity guests from over the years, i.e. T. Graham Brown, Baillie & The Boys, Brian White, Billy Dean and many more. Stevie's show is available internationally and he has a World Class Nashville Band that works to back Stevie and his celebrity guests.


Label: Krazytown Records

TRT: 4:08

ISRC: GBWUL2136007
Song IPI# BMI # 4153383
Songwriters: Elton John / Bernie Taupin
Songwriters’ IPI#: PRS#00042308022 / ASCAP# 00042309705

Publisher: Rouge Booze, Inc / WAB Publ Ltd. / Universal Songs of Polygram International
Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 00051883766 / NS# 00478873195 / BMI# 00353265272
The Hammond Brothers are fraternal twins, Dale and Gale. They are Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Recording...
The Hammond Brothers are fraternal twins, Dale and Gale. They are Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Recording Artists, Comedians, and Actors.
Originally from Benton, Illinois, The Hammond Brothers are the sons of a Baptist evangelist. They began performing gospel music at the age of 5, traveling throughout the country with their father.
Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, The Hammond Brothers perform various styles of music including country, pop, gospel, and rock-a-billy.
The Hammond Brothers tour throughout the world delighting audiences of every culture and creed, bringing smiles and uplifting hearts everywhere. With natural comedic personalities, Dale and Gale have the unique ability to connect to an audience. Their smooth harmonies and catchy original songs makes a Hammond Brothers show an exciting, ’one-of-a-kind’ experience. Dale and Gale have performed at various mainstream country music venues, universities, the Las Vegas Hilton, the Grand Ole Opry, and appeared on numerous national television shows. They have performed on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry, TNN’s Nashville Now, Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, The Heartland USA, Jerry Lewis National Telethon, Las Vegas Hilton, and Broadway. They have performed with such artists as George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Paul Anka, as well as Donny & Marie Osmond.
On October 12, 2013, The Hammond Brothers were inducted into The Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame and received a 2019 Josie Award for Duet of the Year.


Label: Century II Records

ISRC: US3ML0900201

Song IPI# ASCAP# 350056683

Songwriters: Jerry Foster / Bill Rice
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 244369264 / ASCAP# 059900068

Publisher: Universal Polygram International
Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 343892736
Sarah Hobbs embraces the sound of old school traditional country. From an early age music has played an important...
Sarah Hobbs embraces the sound of old school traditional country. From an early age music has played an important part of Sarah's life as well as many generations of her family. She is an independent artist from Northeast Texas. Her songwriting comes from the life experiences she's had, both good and bad, so when she sings, you can guarantee it's from the heart. Her strong East Texas accent reflects in her singing voice, leaving no doubt you're listening to real country music.
She has been nominated for Texas Female Vocalist of the Year the past 3 years and won Big Star 97's New Female Vocalist of the Year in 2017. She was named in Wide Open Country's "15 Texas Artists to Watch in 2018". Her first 2 singles to Texas radio were top 25 hits. Most recently she has obtained her first top 10 single with "I Got Me" and been named the 2019 Texas Female Vocalist of the Year!!

Label: Cielo Azul Entertainment

ISRC: QZ7FL2150019

Song IPI# ASCAP# 888749090

Songwriters: Heather Little / Brad Tursi
Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 758813010 / ASCAP# 346852342

Publisher: Hipgnosis Notes / Wright of Center Music
Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 1067631750 / ASCAP# 0341987536
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