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Shantell Ogden's newest release, "Heroes in your Hometown" is a feel-good summer song that celebrates the everyday...
Shantell Ogden's newest release, "Heroes in your Hometown" is a feel-good summer song that celebrates the everyday heroes in our lives. These women and men make a huge difference in their own homes and communities. They may not be famous but they mean the world to the people they serve.

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Label: Hip Farm Chic Records

ISRC: USBAE1793515
Song IPI# SESAC# 55674561

Songwriters: Shantell Ogden / Bill DiLuigi
Songwriters' IPI#: SESAC# 558070933 / SESAC# 794380208

Song Publishers: Homestead Hits / 888 King Music
Publishers' IPI# SESAC# 777802698 / SESAC# 794380306
00:05:10 - Miserable Man spent multiple weeks at #1 on both the AC40 Hot Hit Chart as well ... - Miserable Man spent multiple weeks at #1 on both the AC40 Hot Hit Chart as well as the Christian Top 40 Hit Chart. It also reached the Top 15 spot on the FMQB chart in early 2017.

The single is based on Paul’s letter to the Romans, passages between 7:10 - 25,

Where the song comes from:

As with so many people in this world, White has battled depression at several points in his life. In this single, White writes of feeling the depression that the Apostle Paul must have felt in his letter to the Romans, (19) I do not do the good things I want to do, but I do the bad things I do not want to do In verse (24), What a miserable man I am! Who will save me from this body that brings me death?

White does see the hope in verse (25) I thank God for saving me through Jesus Christ our Lord! So in my mind I am a slave to God’s law, but in my sinful self I am a slave to the law of sin.

As with the Apostle Paul and so many people today, as well as White, the struggle with depression can be overwhelming and debilitating but there is hope in Jesus Christ our Lord and in God the Father.

Jimmy White is not a newcomer to the music scene. In his impressive thirty-year career, White has reached #1 over a dozen times on the Independent Adult Contemporary Charts, he is both the most-nominated and winning artist in the history of the IMN music awards and the New Music Awards. Jimmy has also charted four times in the Billboard AC Top 40—among other accomplishments. #Jimmywhitemusic #MiserableMan

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Label: 828 Records, Inc.

Song IPI: BMI# 17097240
Songwriters: James A. White
Songwriters IPI: BMI# 140339011
Publishers: Washington Place Music, Inc.
Publisher IPI: BMI# 246870936
Originally from Mount Vernon, Ky., Rae has been eager to share her talent since her church performances as a child....
Originally from Mount Vernon, Ky., Rae has been eager to share her talent since her church performances as a child. At 12 years of age, Rae began to craft her own songs while strumming a six-string. In high school, she performed as a member of the Kentucky All-State choir before earning a degree in Music Education at University of the Cumberlands. Prior to moving to Nashville, Rae spent three years in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She took to live performance and further enhancement of her songwriting before returning to the states in 2012 to fully pursue a solo career as a country music artist.
Rae delivered her sophomore album, Come Find Me, in March of 2017. Inspired by personal growth and vulnerability, more than half of the fifteen tracks are either written or co-written by Rae. Come Find Me features “I Need Me,” a track that has been heard previously for years and performed in numerous variations. “I Need Me” found longtime friend and producer, Shawn Gough, who helped transform the current single into the climatic ballad it is, climbing both the country and adult contemporary radio charts.
The opening shot of Camille Rae's music video for her song "I Need Me" is an almost uncomfortably close shot of her face. The camera slowly zooms out as her eyelids open, her eyes showing a glimpse of the immense grief of lost love explored in the video. "My videographer, Jacob Long, was the brilliant mind behind this shot," Rae said. "It was so vulnerable! I did feel completely exposed and raw. It also wasn't the most flattering shot, but that didn't matter to me."
Throughout the three minute long video, the camera constantly returns to this vulnerable shot. "This was the scene where I finally channeled that sadness and vulnerability I had been reaching for," Rae said. "The flood gates opened and all the crying was authentic." The power behind this stunning video stems from that one recurring image.

"I Need Me" tells the story of a woman grappling with the decision to leave a man. The first line of the song is stark and powerful: "No matter how I feel, how you feel is better." The line begins and ends the song and Rae said that it's the line that sums up the message of the song. "As humans we will forget where we were, who we were with and what we were doing, but never how we were made to feel," Rae said. The song recently hit the Top 30 on Music Row's Country Breakout Chart, making Rae the fastest rising independent country artist to chart since Aaron Watson.

Emotionally, the video was draining on Rae. "This was definitely a much harder process because it was so intimidate and vulnerable," she said. "I had to channel the exact emotions that I wanted to portray and then carefully display them in a way that wasn't too forward or too vague." Despite that, she said that the emotionally taxing element of the process was worth it because the video came together perfectly.

The sadness portrayed in the video ends on a higher note with the last scene of the video, indicating a hopefulness in the video. Rae used the video as a way to tell people to live their lives and to not be afraid of doing what is best for themselves. "Are you going to choose to stay and drown in this life around you or are you going to make the terrifying, yet liberating sacrifices to be happy and whole?" Rae said. "The last scene tells my audience that I chose me."

Label: Camille Rae Music

ISRC: TCACT1668064
Song IPI# BMI# 17601757

Songwriters: Amber Thacker
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 806289817

Publisher: Camille Rae Music
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 642005099
00:03:17 Re Mattei was born in Trenton, New Jersey, the daughter of parents who love music. Her... Re Mattei was born in Trenton, New Jersey, the daughter of parents who love music. Her mother played the violin and her father played the accordion. Her parents introduced her to many genres of music including country legends such as Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Johnny Rodriguez, along with the pop influences of artists like Rod Stewart and Linda Ronstadt. As a young child, Re asked her mother what those people on the radio singing did for a living. Her mother responded by saying, “that’s what they do…they’re singers,” and Re replied, “then that’s what I want to do.” She started entering talent shows and school musicals. At ten years old she began writing songs and appreciates the storytellers that paved the way like Harry Chapin and Mac Davis.
She studied at Berklee College of Music receiving a Bachelors degree in guitar performance. Two weeks after graduation she auditioned for lead guitarist and singer of an all-female seven-piece band named “Uptown Girls.” She toured the U.S., Hawaii, Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines, playing at military bases and nightclubs. After touring for three years Re moved to Nashville to become a songwriter and recording artist. She collaborated with songwriter Rick McMahon, and their song “Broken Rose” received honorable mention in the Music City Song Festival in two categories (music and lyrics). She has performed at the Opryland Hotel, Bluebird Cafe, and the Tennessee State Fair WSM-sponsored stage.
Re is currently in the studio working with producer Bartley Pursley who has worked with artists such as John Rich, Gretchen Wilson, and Randy Owen. Her first single “Country Love” written by Re and Rick McMahon will be the debut song off her up-and-coming album. Re explains, “Music has always been my medicine. When life gets tough I put on my headphones and rock back and forth to my favorite songs.” Re’s years on the road have taught her that it’s important to have fun on stage and entertain the fans. “My hope is that my music can be a medicine for others and leave them with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.”

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Label: Trendy Girl Records

ISRC: QMBGN1700002
Song IPI# BMI# 24558955

Songwriters: Marie Mattei, Danielle Todd
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 709473329 / SOCAN# 570522270

Publisher: Light Hearted Lyrics / Ellen’s Song Shop
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 722739438 / SOCAN# 817274431
The Perfect Wedding Video! - Blane's video was shot in his Bride's hometown of Camden, AR. It's a simple video of...
The Perfect Wedding Video! - Blane's video was shot in his Bride's hometown of Camden, AR. It's a simple video of Blane playing / singing the song he wrote for his Bride on their wedding day. Actual video footage of their wedding make up the video: First dance, Bride walking down the aisle, reception, etc. - Blane Howard is a Nashville recording artist who grew up in south central Arkansas. After high school, he decided to follow his dream of singing country music and moved to Nashville. He attended Belmont University where he met most of his band mates, and graduated in 2010. Blane has been touring the mid-south region of the country for several years, making a name for himself in the music industry. When he is not on the road, he stays busy writing new songs with other artists and songwriters in Nashville.
RE: “Promise to Love Her” - Blane surprised his bride-to-be, Megan, and everyone else, on the morning of their wedding with a new song he had written for her. He collaborated with long time friend and songwriter, Jordan Kyle Reynolds (Keith Urban's "Gettin' In The Way"), on what turned out to be a very emotional song, “Promise to Love Her.” Megan quickly asked for the new song to be their “first dance” song.

A few days after the wedding, with a short phone video clip from the reception, Team Blane shared the snippet of the song on Blane’s FB music page, and nothing’s been the same ever since. The short clip garnered 100,000 views in a few short weeks and is now, in three months, approaching 400,000 views. In addition Blane’s number of likes on his FB music page went from 13.5K before we shared the clip, to over 20K likes in the same time period. Beautiful messages and heartfelt comments have been flooding in and everyone is asking when and where they can get the song.
00:03:51 - Chris Rowan has been making music in Marin, Sonoma, and the greater San Francisco Bay... - Chris Rowan has been making music in Marin, Sonoma, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area since October of 1970. The middle brother to older brother, Peter, and younger brother, Lorin, Chris has performed as part of the Rowan Brothers, known for their vocal harmony blend, for the last four decades.
Originally from Wayland, a town 20 minutes outside of Boston, Chris came to Marin with his brother, Lorin, and their music producer, David Grisman. It turned out to be a smart move as he was signed by Clive Davis to CBS Records in 1971, and then by David Geffen to Geffen’s new Asylum label in 1974. Part of Chris’ musical adventure with his brothers on Asylum Records was seeing his song, “If I Only Could” hit the top 100 singles chart coming in at 54 with a bullet.
Chris' latest CD, "Swim In Your Heart", is a musical journey from his childhood to his lifelong pursuit of expressing himself through words and music.

Label: Chris Rowan Records

ISRC: QM3CM1500001
Song IPI# BMI# 21076779

Songwriters: Chris Rowan
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 56274473

Publisher: Lemuria Music
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 87885213
TOMMY STEELE BAND ''SOUNDS LIKE A DOUBLE SHOT OF SOUTHERN BOURBON WITH A DASH OF DETROIT GRIT.'' - With a distinctive and immediately identifiable sound, Tommy Steele Band is a blend of influences that brings together the edgy musicianship and rocked-out passion of early Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, with the raw, sparse, lyrical sense of Springsteen.
Active in several bands before starting his own in 2006, Steele was used to playing more than his share of shows a year. The 2009 release of his first Nashville produced CD, THE LONG HAUL, brought him national recognition with three hit singles: positive “Watching Love Grow”, the rock guitar-edged, mid-tempo “Forever 17” and the passionate top ten Inspirational crossover Hit ballad, “What Kind of Man Would I Be.” The releases generated multiple radio tours, On-air Television appearances all over the country and produced national and international written features including Country Weekly, Music Row and Magazine of Country Music.
Tommy’s 2012 Music Row top 40 Hit single perfectly reflected the complicated dichotomy of his music. Produced by Nashville’s respected veteran singer songwriter Dave Gibson. “My Side of the Street” put Steele’s emotive voice front and center on this story of a love destined to live only in dreams. The story line with Tommy’s unique style brought a new interpretation of cultural and social divides to the song. The video was added to many television networks across the country.
In 2013 The Ultimate party song “We Ain’t Drunk” Video was released, picked up by many networks and was a hit to more than 50 Million over air and cable TV subscribers and is still in rotation as a mainstay on many networks today.
The Michigan native opened for Big & Rich at his hometown Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan and performed at 3 CMA Music Festival’s in Nashville. He’s toured the country and shared stages with megastars Leann Rimes, Gretchen Wilson, Little Big town, Big & Rich, Blackberry smoke, Dwight Yoakam, and more, he’s also entertained at venues ranging from intimate nightclubs to large festivals.
Tommy carries with him life lessons learned in his youth, and they give instant credence to his down-home manner and strong work ethic. With family roots in Detroit’s auto factories and Georgia’s clay soils, “blue collar” and “country strong” are descriptive terms for this entertainer.
“Family is everything to me, and fatherhood? Well, that’s the reward! I am humbled to create music with a vision but life experiences and my family are my inspirations.”
Label: Triple Creek Records, Inc.

Song IPI# BMI#
Songwriters: Tommy Steele, Jack Williams, Tommy Conners
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI#29502887, ASCAP# 86584923, BMI# 88552537

Publisher: Southern Stride Music, Hoppertunity Music, Mac & Mo Music
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 187444832, ASCAP# 580544543, BMI# 720042992
00:04:04 - There's a story that bandleader Sarah Dunn likes to tell about the extraordinary way in... - There's a story that bandleader Sarah Dunn likes to tell about the extraordinary way in which she entered the world 27 years ago. Her mother Deborah, nine months pregnant, completed a full shift at the restaurant where she worked, drove herself to a midwife a half hour away to give birth and then drove back home with her baby girl. Incredible as that all sounds, she didn't stop there.
"Then she mowed the yard with a push mower," says Dunn, shaking her head in disbelief. "That is a woman! That's where I get my toughness."
Like her mother before her, Dunn possesses a tough sensibility that translates loud and clear in her music. The Missouri-based singer-fiddle player and her Tulsa, Oklahoma-based band — Roger Caple, Teddy Scott, Sean Fisher and Jake Lynn — rip through the seven tracks on the group's latest release Wild Wild Heart with the kind of scrappy attitude that comes from a lifetime of having to fight to make headway in an unforgiving world.
Born and raised in southwestern Missouri, Dunn grew up surrounded by a musical family. Her grandfather was an early rock & roller in the area, and she started learning to sing by sitting at the piano while her mother played. Her musical career began when she assembled her first band at the age of 13, performing to rough crowds in local bars and using every weapon in her arsenal to win them over. She loved being onstage, but it was a lonely experience until she could legally enter a bar.
"I'd have to sit at a little table by myself by the door, and have security stand there by me," she recalls. "And they'd walk me to the bathroom and back and on the stage and back. I was there for work. I was so excited to turn 21 — not because of the drinking — just because I could go in there and not have to sit at a table by myself."
Music was also a respite from the hours of hard work Dunn's family had to put in on their small farm. They didn't have much in the way of material wealth, but they had one another and wisely worked to inoculate themselves against lean times. They'd can vegetables for later use and raise a pig or cow for butchering, doing whatever they had to do to survive.
"We worked so hard, there was not very much time for entertainment," says Dunn. "So at the end of the day that's why music is so important to me. It's such a rock in my life because that was a lot of our fun time."
Dunn rolled those experiences into Wild Wild Heart, writing six of its seven tracks and mixing a hard-nosed traditionalism in with her resonant stories of heartbreak, struggle and joy. That much is readily evident in "Rent," in which Dunn describes the all-too-common reality of being overworked and underpaid. Though it glides with a carefree ease, there's no mistaking the desperation in her words.
"I was working two jobs. I was in a crappy relationship. I was living in a Winnebago with no electricity or water and I washed my hair under the garden hose," explains Dunn. "I was still playing music several nights a week. So I'd be working, working working, and playing music until 1 in the morning, just burning the candle at both ends. It seemed like there was never enough money. It's like, I'm working for all of this, where is it going?"
Still, she's not afraid to let her hair down when the mood strikes. Wild Wild Heart's first single "Dirty" is a stomping rocker that showcases Dunn's blazing fiddle and sings the praises of a life that's miles from immaculate white dresses. The title track is a soaring ode to crazy love, while "Love Hate Relationship" strafes agitation at a lukewarm lover.
Dunn also evokes the mighty vocals of Martina McBride on EP highlight "Pieces," a heart-rending waltz that ponders the unsettled scores after a relationship's end. "Forever is just a flippant turn of phrase, but for me it comes down to how much love I gave," she sings in the chorus, the gracefully shifting arrangement blanketed by a generous helping of pedal steel and mandolin.
"The guys in the band hate it because there's a chord change every other word," says Dunn, laughing. "That was one I stayed up a lot thinking about. It's my favorite to perform."
And rather than casually tossing a mention of Merle Haggard's name in her lyrics, Dunn goes all in on the late country icon with "All My Best." Twanging like Loretta Lynn after a visit to Bakersfield, Dunn makes a whole narrative out of Haggard's song titles. It's an impressive and affecting show of appreciation for history.
"My roots run really deep, not just in country but also old time music," she says. "I'm an old soul. I feel like I was born a hundred years late sometimes. To know that, in a world where everything is so flash in the pan, so disposable — to be described as traditional and classic, that's a huge compliment."
Along with musical history, Dunn has great respect for her personal history. The one song on Wild Wild Heart that Dunn didn't write, "Ain't Got No Home," came from her mother.
"I listened to it a few times and went home and put it in the back of mind," says Dunn of the song that soulfully depicts someone weathering a breakup. "Weeks later I found myself singing it. It was stuck in my head and I'd get obsessive about it to the point that I couldn't sleep because I could hear it. So I called her up and asked her if I could record it. She was more than happy."
It's a fitting way to honor one of Dunn's most important musical influences, not to mention the person who showed her how to be tough and work hard. That's what ultimately prepared her for the rigors of a career in music.
"My mother said you have two paths in life," says Dunn. "One of them is a wide and smooth, paved road. It's no resistance. And then there's this little foot path that keeps going up and you have to fight the whole way, but you're going to see amazing views and when you get to the end of it, you're going to be at the top."
Label: REZNAM Records
Here is the Official Lyric Video for Jimmy White's song, "Midnight Prayer" from his two-cd release, "Two Cities"

Here is the Official Lyric Video for Jimmy White's song, "Midnight Prayer" from his two-cd release, "Two Cities"

Record Label: 828 Records


Song: BMI# 17677792
Songwriter: James A. White
Songwriter: BMI# 140339011
Publisher: Washington Place Music, Inc.
Publisher#: BMI# 246870936
Here is the Official Lyric Video for Jimmy White's song, "Tyrannosaurus Ex" from his two-cd release, "Two Cities"...
Here is the Official Lyric Video for Jimmy White's song, "Tyrannosaurus Ex" from his two-cd release, "Two Cities" available on iTunes:

Artist Website:
Artist Facebook:
Artist Twitter:
Artists iTunes:

Label: 828 Records, Inc.

Song IPI: BMI #17677787
Songwriters: James A. White
Songwriters IPI: BMI# 140339011
Publishers: Washington Place Music, Inc.
Publisher IPI: BMI# 246870936

Video Director: Joshua Rush & Jason Bradford
00:03:15 - Reputed to be the longest running working band in the world, the fabulous TORNADOES... - Reputed to be the longest running working band in the world, the fabulous TORNADOES formed in Wollongong (NSW Australia) in 1960 and have played continually since that time at that country’s premier dance venues.

Fans have always regarded the Tornadoes as "their own". Known throughout the region for over four decades, the fabulous Tornadoes have provided top class entertainment to countless audiences.

The band’s modernised version of that long time classic Ghost Riders (in the Sky) gained huge success at dance and country venues throughout Australia, Britain and the United States and reached Number 6 on the national dance charts across America.

With that success behind them, the TORNADOES negotiated a recording contract with Arcade and Sony / BMG records for release of Ghost Riders in Europe and Australia.

In 2006, the TORNADOES were selected to be a part of the Best of the Best tour of New Zealand. As well as the TORNADOES, the tour featured some of the biggest stars of the Australasian music scene of the past 40 years including Sharon O’Neill, Ray Columbus ( Invaders fame ), and Australasia’s King of Rock and Roll Johnny Devlin. Having played in 11 major cities across New Zealand, the TORNADOES captivated audiences and earned a new legion of fans from across the Tasman. The tour, organized by Pacific Entertainment of Auckland, proved to be one of the most successful tours of New Zealand that year.

Members of the fabulous TORNADOES are Fred Marsh, David Goodger, Harry Mitchell, Rainer Bruckmann, Wayne Rogers and Paul Ainger.

The TORNADOES strong point is their ability to deliver a repertoire consisting of over 40 years of great music. Lead vocals by Fred and Wayne and harmonies by David, Paul and Harry, together with the raunchiness of the rhythm section, form the nucleus of the TORNADOES captivating sound.

The TORNADOES sound is a unique blend of rock and roll to boot scootin’ rock and country to classic ballads which always leave the fans wanting more.

Music fans are always left satisfied after a TORNADOES gig because the fabulous TORNADOES put dance in your pants!

Label: Hillbilly Rick Publishing

Song IPI# BMI# 2041006
Songwriters: Darrell T. Ewing
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI # 182716755

Publisher: Number One with a Bullet
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 186427151
00:03:56 - Southern Rock influenced Hillbilly Vegas are back with a brand new 6 song EP... - Southern Rock influenced Hillbilly Vegas are back with a brand new 6 song EP they're calling '76. For their second release, the band – led by Steve Harris (vocals and rhythm guitar) Stacy Thornburg (lead guitar, vocals), Johnny Reed (guitar, vocals), Robb Edwards (bass) and Troy Hollinger (drums)– wanted to explore their raucous roots so they headed down to Texas to work with renowned Grammy nominated producer Alex Gerst at Empire Sound.

Now “them boys from Oklahoma" are celebrating the freewheeling spirit of '76 and spreading their 70’s throwback sound all over America. The band’s first single, the fiery “Shake it Like a Hillbilly” landed them the coveted title of 2016 LiftMaster Garage Band. As the 2016 winner, Hillbilly Vegas performed with country star Lee Brice at this year's Coca Cola 600 Sprint Cup Series race in Charlotte, NC. The first of many NASCAR and LiftMaster appearances the boys will be making over the next year.

In addition to landing the big gig with LiftMaster, the band did their first full tour in the summer of ’16 that included stops at several high profile festivals. Along the way they also landed several racing and guitar sponsorships. Topping off the good times, Hillbilly Vegas ended their successful summer by signing a 3 year sponsorship deal with Rocky Mountain High Energy drinks. Their second single from ‘76, the crackling party anthem “High Time For a Good Time” is currently being used by Rocky Mountain High in their international ad campaign.

With all the big things happening, the band still believes it’s the music and their simple approach that is the most important ingredient to their success. “We’re all about creating fun, positive energy and memorable music that gives people a good feeling,” says Harris. “I love hearing songs on the radio that stir up feelings that take me back to good times and great places – if we can do that for people, than we've achieved success. We are a hard working bunch of guys who create real music for real people. Every song we write chronicles the experiences and influences of the guys who wrote them. We can't wait to get out there and hug the world's neck and welcome them in to the Hillbilly Vegas family."


Song IPI# BMI# 22360015
Songwriters: Harris / Thornburg / Reed / Edwards / Hollinger
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 00575473418 / 00746654804 / 00440314993 / 00579784767 / 00440322110

Publisher: Stephen Harris Music
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 579784767
00:02:48 - Hit songwriter Dan Tyler's holiday sing-a-long, "Happy Christmas" as illustrated... - Hit songwriter Dan Tyler's holiday sing-a-long, "Happy Christmas" as illustrated by noted Irish animator, Quentin Devine. Suitable for children of all ages.
Victorian Christmas website:
Twitter: - @florinstreet
Victorian Christmas website:
Twitter: - @florinstreet
Facebook: If you enjoy our Christmas songs please share this Christmas video and help spread the word. We have DVD's, CD's and Florin Street decorations available at our website above, and a growing Facebook page. With no record company help, songwriter and vocalist, Leigh Haggerwood, has managed to get his original Christmas songs and videos play-listed across radio and TV networks all over the world, and the songs continue to be sung and performed by other artists, schools, choirs, churches and even the US Army band orchestra! They have won the UK songwriting Contest four times and been used by major TV networks during the festive season. An entire Florin Street musical is in development so watch this space!

After trying to gain record company support, Leigh decided to make it happen himself by gathering together his musician friends and writing, producing and singing this Christmas song. The video was filmed at the fantastic Blists Hill Victorian Town at Ironbridge in Shropshire. It features the skills of top director Nick Bartleet and Cinematographer John Perez (known for his work on Coldplay's Viva La Vida, Beyoncé and many other productions). You can help spread some Christmas magic by spreading the word - thanks for your support and best wishes for Christmas 2016!

My Favourite Time of Year
Words & music by Leigh Haggerwood
Winner of best Christmas song and best music video in the UK Songwriting Contest; Winter Wonder is Leigh...
Winner of best Christmas song and best music video in the UK Songwriting Contest; Winter Wonder is Leigh Haggerwood's second Christmas release as part of his Florin Street Christmas musical which is currently in development. Please share this Christmas video and join the party: .........Official website: .........Twitter:

Made independently with no industry support; The Winter Wonder is a Christmas celebration in a town where music is paramount and Christmas is in everyone’s heart. As part of the story, the good people of Florin Street come together for a night of festive music and dancing with The Florin Street Band. See how this Christmas video was made here:

Winter Wonder is now available to download at iTunes and the three-track E.P. also includes the video edit of My Favourite Time of Year. Look out for more music from The Florin Street Band soon!

©Calmsound 2016
Production companies: Cinematica Media & Walk Tall Media
Directed by Jackson Kingsley
Location: Englishcombe Tithe Barn, Bath - by kind permission of the Walker family.
This All-American rockin’ patriotic country music video contains everything that Ryan, a combat Veteran, two time...
This All-American rockin’ patriotic country music video contains everything that Ryan, a combat Veteran, two time Gold Star family member, former Blackhawk pilot believes in and supports. This video features two of the three writers John “Tig” Tiegen and Kris “Tanto” Paranto, of the book 13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, as well as footage from the movie trailer itself. From the beginning with Ryan’s Dad’s voice reading his brother’s quote to the end with a memorial tribute to their sacrifice, this video shows what America’s New Fight Song is about. - Ryan Weaver is a high energy, all-American, rockin’ country music artist who proudly served as an active duty Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot, Chief Warrant Officer 3, in the United States Army. Ryan Weaver started in country music in 2005 while still on active duty, playing the club and festival circuit throughout the southeast. His performances are known for their unique blend of high caliber audience connecting original songs and rockin’ cover material combined with a heartfelt message and genuine humor.

Ryan’s story is like no other artist in country music. Growing up with a family of eleven in a small town in Floral City, Florida, Ryan joined the Army right after high school. After several years of working in the Military Intelligence field, Ryan followed in the footsteps of both of his two older brothers, Steve and Aaron, by attending Warrant officer Candidate School and flight school. He graduated top of his class in flight school, becoming a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot, and in 2003 he found himself deployed to Baghdad International Airport in Iraq with one of his brothers, Aaron, who was deployed just west of him in Fallujah.

Ryan’s most recent advancements are an indicator that he is on the edge of something truly special in country music. He released his first single to radio with a music video reaching national television audiences on ZUUS Country and The Heartland Network, performed on the Samsung Galaxy stage in 2014 as an official CMA Festival artist in Nashville, began working with Charlie Daniels’ long time manager David Corlew and performed on The Ryman Auditorium stage along with Charlie Daniels, Phyl Vassar, Ty Herndon, Andy Griggs and Jamie O’Neal. His notable 2015 performances were at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for the historical 40th Anniversary Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam, the Castle Rock Colorado Freedom Festival and made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage on September 11th. 2016 has several concerts in the works to include the Freedom Fest Colorado and Volunteer Jam.

iTunes: Single:
Label: WCB Records

Song IPI# BMI# 20264397
Songwriters: Ryan Weaver, Craig Wilson, Jay Tooke
Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 529435439 / BMI# 423451095 / SOCAN# 560847239

Publisher: Worry Stone Songs
Publisher IPI#: BMI# 642816346
00:02:58 Nancy Hays & her daughters Mary and Caroline sing "Mr. Santa" in the style of the Andrew... Nancy Hays & her daughters Mary and Caroline sing "Mr. Santa" in the style of the Andrew Sisters "Mr. Sandman". Matthew Heffernan accompanies on fiddle. Music video choreography by Matt Crowle, vocal arrangement by Robert Ollis. Produced by Randy Gardner. Frank Trace & Jo Thompson have choreographed an easy, fun line dance to it!

Nancy Hays is a professional singer, dancer, actor and entertainer. Nancy has worked as an opening act for major artists including Conway Twitty, Lee Greenwood, George Burns, Ronnie Milsap, Glen Campbell, Danny Thomas, Rita Rudner, The Smothers Brothers, Marty Stuart, Dan Seals, the Bellamy Brothers, Crystal Gayle, Barbara Mandrell, Kenny Rogers and many more. Nancy is a successful recording artist who has recorded five albums and made multiple DVDs and toured the UK four times with her own original music since 2000. Nancy’s country music song “Come Dance with Me” (with choreography by Jo Thompson) is an international hit and was named one of the most popular line dance songs in the world by multiple publications in Europe and the United States. The song was also nominated for the Crystal Boot Award in the UK.

Nancy began her professional performing career playing the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at the Little Theatre on the Square as a teenager. Nancy worked as a singer and dancer at Six Flags over Mid-America and at Opryland USA in Nashville, Tennessee.
After her first season at Opryland USA, Nancy was hired by Opryland to join a special elite cast that performed in Hawaii and Las Vegas and made a television show. Nancy sang demos for Nashville songwriters, wrote and recorded her own music and appeared on popular shows in Nashville including the WSM Waking Crew and the Nashville Noon Show as well as other shows on TNN during her 20s. Nancy graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana with a degree in Advertising as a Bronze Tablet Scholar (top 3 percent) and also holds a Master’s Degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

While continuing to sing country music with her band, Nancy Hays & the Sawyer Brothers, Nancy began singing big band music in the 1990s at the Willowbrook Ballroom with the Bobby Benson Orchestra. During this same period, she also appeared in the Nashville North country music club, the Country Music Inn and at State Fairs and Festivals. During this time, Nancy began recording music specifically for dancers and developed her own ballroom and line dance series of DVDs and CDs featuring music she was performing for her live audiences. Her series “The Romance of Dance” drew national attention and her products were featured in an infomercial on Fit TV and on various shopping networks. As a sought after dance instructor and entertainer, Nancy was hired to make appearances on TV shows on ABC, the Discovery Channel, Fox, WGN, Wild Chicago and others. Her products also were reviewed favorably by The Washington Post, the LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, the Las Vegas Sun, Variety, Billboard and many other publications. On NBC Nancy taught Mario Lopez, Danny Bonaduce, and David Cassidy how to Salsa with style.
Following media success of “The Romance of Dance”, Nancy was hired to perform her own ballroom show in Las Vegas with the full Caesar’s Palace Orchestra in the Circus Maximus Showroom. Nancy is one of the only act’s in Caesar’s history to stage her show with the audience dancing along with her at her concert in that venue.

Nancy’s song “Come Dance with Me” became an international hit in 2004 and soon the demand for live performances increased particularly in Europe where the song was the rage with line dance fans in clubs and festivals and was being “covered” by many other artists. Nancy made tours of the UK in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. She also worked an extended engagement performing her own show at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas during National Finals Rodeo and on an international cruise.

Since 1991, Nancy Hays has been a wife and mother and raised four children (all of whom have careers in the arts). Because Nancy’s kids share their mother’s love of music, Nancy has began incorporating them into her live performances. The family appeared multiple years at Chicago’s Summerdance Festival in Grant Park and at performing arts centers for Christmas music and at the Drake Hotel, the Hilton Orrington and at other venues.
Nancy and three of her children; Mary, Matt and Caroline, recorded a country music Christmas song “Light in the Winter” in 2014 and made several television and live performances to promote the song to the public in 2014 and 2015.
Label: Nancy Hayes Entertainment
00:06:16 – “John Tracy is a musician whose music fortifies the human connection…”
John Tracy... – “John Tracy is a musician whose music fortifies the human connection…”
John Tracy has a reputation for crafting lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter, making his music relevant to all of us on this human journey. Inspired by his folk, blues and acoustic rock influences, his songs fortify the human connection – truly REAL MUSIC for people living REAL LIFE.
He is a national charting artist having two singles from his latest album “Happy Ever After” reach the top 10. His current single, “Fairytales Come True” was the number one most added song two weeks in a row in its release to radio and stayed in the top ten for five weeks, topping out at #5 on the National FMQB Adult Contemporary chart. The title track from the album, “Happy Ever After” also debuted as the number one most added song in its initial week to radio and rose to #10 during its time on the chart. Both singles were included in the United Kingdom’s “Brit Rock Show,” syndicated to 81 UK radio stations as well as five other syndicated shows across the UK and Europe. Their associated music videos have attracted attention from all over the music video programming spectrum, including video on-demand, multi-market, retail pool/content providers and internet programmers, being shown in prominent retailers, nightclubs and restaurants in the US and Canada.
Of his new album, Al Kniola of 88.1 WVPE Public Radio, Elkhart, IN said: “John Tracy’s new CD is an excellent album in all respects – songs, recording quality, production, vocals, talent – you name it.”
It is clear that John Tracy is an artist who serves as an inspiration for all walks of life, offering a perspective in his songwriting that is different than most and much more relatable to a wider audience. He has studied the craft of songwriting with some of the industry’s best including Don Henry, Ellis Paul and Steve Seskin. It has earned him the reputation as a lyricist who cuts right to the heart of the matter, impacting us with each word and note.
“John Tracy’s genius in delivering lyrical melodies of all things that we experience as humans may only be surpassed by his mastery of the guitar. John will tell you he loves writing songs, but his music tells you that he loves the human connection.” – Jeff Curtis, Executive Director, The Orange Downtown Alliance (Orange, VA)
His dedicated effort to giving each song something sonically unique makes listening to his body of work a delight to the ears. With a vocal delivery smooth and warm, John’s voice has a timbre that calms the spirit and allows the heart to hear the depth of his lyrics. Having shared his music on an international level at events across the US and Europe, he is a seasoned performer. His shows leave you inspired, like time spent with an old friend.
“John is an exceptional artist. His original pieces are hallmarked by lyrics that move the audience. The complexity of his compositions and his skill in playing them create a sound that is marvelous to hear. As a singer, he projects a warmth and energy that is infectious.” – Clair F. Myers, Ph.D., Executive Director, Wayne Theatre Alliance
Jon Stein of WTBQ – Hootenanny Café, Goshen, NY said: “There are songs and CDs that capture my attention and there are CDs that capture my attention and captivate my heart and soul. John Tracy’s CDs and songs do just that. From the moment I started listening, I was hooked. I am still captivated. John Tracy knows how to write songs and melodies that draw the listener in.”
Facebook: Http://
Label: SoundCafe Records

Song IPI# ASCAP# 883493341
Songwriters: John Tracy Wilson
Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 00222020737

Publisher: John Tracy Publishing
Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 00531370386
The Hammond Brothers consist of fraternal twins, Dale and Gale, and younger brother Johnny.
Originally from Benton,...
The Hammond Brothers consist of fraternal twins, Dale and Gale, and younger brother Johnny.
Originally from Benton, Illinois, The Hammond Brothers are the sons of a Baptist evangelist. Dale and Gale began singing gospel music at age 5, traveling throughout the country with their father. Four years later, Johnny joined them. Based in Nashville, The Hammond Brothers are on a fast track. They have completed an album with legendary producer/songwriter Otis Blackwell, who has such hits as, “Don’t Be Cruel”, “All Shook Up”, “Return to Sender”, “Handyman”, and “Great Balls of Fire” to his credit.
They have performed with the likes of George Strait, Jerry Lewis, Paul Anka, Kenny Rogers, The Osmonds, Glen Campbell, The Allman Brothers and many more. They have opened for Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, Hoyt Axton, and The Pointer Sisters just to mention a few.
They have appeared on the famed Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, The Grand Old Opry, TNN’s Nashville Now, as well as many syndicated television shows.
The Hammond Brothers are fresh, yet seasoned. They have toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe, performing in Las Vegas, concert halls, colleges, fairs, rodeos, night clubs and Broadway.
They’re versatile, original, professional…they’re entertainers! Emphasizing country music, The Hammond Brothers’ repertoire includes r&b, jazz, and a little ole’ time rock and roll. The brothers have also recorded a successful and widely-acclaimed gospel album for Calvary records. When Ray Walker, of Jordannaire Fame, asked them to join him as part of Elvis, The Legend Lives, they took a brief hiatus from The Hammond Brothers’ show to portray (along with Walker) the Jordannaires in the production that ran for 17 weeks on the New York stage. After many months in Las Vegas, they took the show on a tour of major us venues.
“We want to entertain people personally…one-on-one,” emphasizes Gale. “Whether it’s five people or 50,000, we want them to walk away with a good feeling — just like they’ve been right in our living room”
Artist Facebook: Https://
Label: The Hammond Brothers Music

Songwriters: Dale Hammond / Gale Hammond
Songwriters IPI: BMI# 354546452 / BMI# 35741489
Publishers: Vonger Music Publishing
Publisher IPI: BMI# 620288466
“Country music was long held as a man’s world with legends like George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle, and Willie. Then...
“Country music was long held as a man’s world with legends like George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle, and Willie. Then some of the greatest female voices in the world stepped on to the stage and country music was forever changed. There was Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Reba, The Judds, and today….The Darlins.” —Nashville Music Guide We’re sassy, rootsy and country,” says Erinn Bates. “Let’s just call it bluegrass with a smoky eye,” continues Jude Toy. Separately, Jude and Erinn had won competitions, booked major gigs, and turned many heads on Music Row before they established their duo adventure as The Darlins. The soulful guitar playing and rich harmonies of Jude paired with the rootsy mandolin strumming and the hauntingly-beautiful voice of Erinn makes one hit-making team.
Their unique blend of rocking’ country guitar riffs tinged with bluegrass-infused mandolin and vocals, make this hot female duo a force to be reckoned with on the country scene. Their hippy-chic image, powerhouse songwriting, high energy performances and soulful mountain harmonies elevate these girls high above the rest. Not only are they multi-talented instrumentalists, but their competitive songwriting skills have helped round up a posse of superstar hit songwriters who they have collaborated with over the years including, Tia Sillers (Grammy, CMA, and ACM Award-winning songwriter, I Hope You Dance), Tony Mullins (ASCAP “Song of the Year” winner, How Forever Feels), and the now-late Kim Williams (Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, CMA “Song of the Year” Winner, Three Wooden Crosses).
The Darlins met at the world renowned cosmetic company, Sephora, where both were makeup artists while pursuing music. Erinn, who had just signed a major label deal, remembers seeing Jude at the legendary Bluebird Cafe and being blown away. “I couldn’t believe the songwriting and incredible musicianship of this girl. I thought, ‘I need to be writing with her.” When the Nashville native’s label deal ended, she kept thinking that she needed to be partnering with someone like Jude who had as much drive and ambition as herself. Little did she know, a few months later they would begin a journey together that would change both of their lives.
Erinn traces the genesis of her musical journey back to listening to her sister playing piano as a child. Consequently, she started playing by ear and would engage lessons and a passion for the instrument through her college years. Those same pearl white and black keys were the foundation for Jude. Her mother was a concert pianist who would practice for eight hours a day teaching Jude the classics like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. However, strings called her name in junior high and she has been strumming the guitar and singing ever since. Jude moved to Nashville from the Pacific Northwest to pursue her dream of playing and writing music. After working with chart topping hit men, developing a TV show and building a star-studded network of industry friends, she wanted to start up a duo and immediately thought of her co-worker, Erinn. “I had heard a recording of Erinn and thought her voice was unbelievable. I knew she was a great writer as well, so I reached out and asked if she wanted to work together.”
Since their first performance as a duo, Erinn and Jude have performed all over the nation, gained a tremendous amount of fans and secured endorsements with Breedlove Guitars, Durango Boots, Steve Clayton, Inc., Australian jewelry designer Julie Miles, Capturing Couture and MAC Cosmetics. In 2013, they won the national battle of the bands competition, The 2nd Hourly Gig sponsored by job search site, Snagajob. With over 100,000 votes cast by the public, the people voted The Darlins as their winner and they won the coveted spot to open for superstar country duo, Montgomery Gentry.
Currently, The Darlins are promoting their debut EP Crush, preparing for the launch of their official music video for the title track Crush, and performing all around the country. It won’t be long before the airwaves and the wind will be whispering with the sound of The Darlins: high heels stomping out net-traditional versions of country and bluegrass, like a whirlwind Alison Krauss, Trisha Yearwood, and Dolly.
Label: The Darlins’ Music
ISRC Code: QM54M1500002

Song IPI# BMI# 13999983
Songwriters: Jude Toy / Erinn Bates
Songwriters’ IPI#: SESAC# 395851 / BMI# 469049227

Publisher: Big Hair & Boots / Star of the Siren
Publisher IPI#: SESAC# 418977 / BMI# 590611944
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