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The Darlins - Crush (Official Music Video)

“Country music was long held as a man’s world with legends like George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle, and Willie. Then... “Country music was long held as a man’s world with legends like George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle, and Willie. Then some of the greatest female voices in the world stepped on to the stage and country music was forever changed. There was Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Reba, The Judds, and today….The Darlins.” —Nashville Music Guide We’re sassy, rootsy and country,” says Erinn Bates. “Let’s just call it bluegrass with a smoky eye,” continues Jude Toy. Separately, Jude and Erinn had won competitions, booked major gigs, and turned many heads on Music Row before they established their duo adventure as The Darlins. The soulful guitar playing and rich harmonies of Jude paired with the rootsy mandolin strumming and the hauntingly-beautiful voice of Erinn makes one hit-making team. Their unique blend of rocking’ country guitar riffs tinged with bluegrass-infused mandolin and vocals, make this hot female duo a force to be reckoned with on the country scene. Their hippy-chic image, powerhouse songwriting, high energy performances and soulful mountain harmonies elevate these girls high above the rest. Not only are they multi-talented instrumentalists, but their competitive songwriting skills have helped round up a posse of superstar hit songwriters who they have collaborated with over the years including, Tia Sillers (Grammy, CMA, and ACM Award-winning songwriter, I Hope You Dance), Tony Mullins (ASCAP “Song of the Year” winner, How Forever Feels), and the now-late Kim Williams (Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, CMA “Song of the Year” Winner, Three Wooden Crosses). The Darlins met at the world renowned cosmetic company, Sephora, where both were makeup artists while pursuing music. Erinn, who had just signed a major label deal, remembers seeing Jude at the legendary Bluebird Cafe and being blown away. “I couldn’t believe the songwriting and incredible musicianship of this girl. I thought, ‘I need to be writing with her.” When the Nashville native’s label deal ended, she kept thinking that she needed to be partnering with someone like Jude who had as much drive and ambition as herself. Little did she know, a few months later they would begin a journey together that would change both of their lives. Erinn traces the genesis of her musical journey back to listening to her sister playing piano as a child. Consequently, she started playing by ear and would engage lessons and a passion for the instrument through her college years. Those same pearl white and black keys were the foundation for Jude. Her mother was a concert pianist who would practice for eight hours a day teaching Jude the classics like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. However, strings called her name in junior high and she has been strumming the guitar and singing ever since. Jude moved to Nashville from the Pacific Northwest to pursue her dream of playing and writing music. After working with chart topping hit men, developing a TV show and building a star-studded network of industry friends, she wanted to start up a duo and immediately thought of her co-worker, Erinn. “I had heard a recording of Erinn and thought her voice was unbelievable. I knew she was a great writer as well, so I reached out and asked if she wanted to work together.” Since their first performance as a duo, Erinn and Jude have performed all over the nation, gained a tremendous amount of fans and secured endorsements with Breedlove Guitars, Durango Boots, Steve Clayton, Inc., Australian jewelry designer Julie Miles, Capturing Couture and MAC Cosmetics. In 2013, they won the national battle of the bands competition, The 2nd Hourly Gig sponsored by job search site, Snagajob. With over 100,000 votes cast by the public, the people voted The Darlins as their winner and they won the coveted spot to open for superstar country duo, Montgomery Gentry. Currently, The Darlins are promoting their debut EP Crush, preparing for the launch of their official music video for the title track Crush, and performing all around the country. It won’t be long before the airwaves and the wind will be whispering with the sound of The Darlins: high heels stomping out net-traditional versions of country and bluegrass, like a whirlwind Alison Krauss, Trisha Yearwood, and Dolly. Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Amazon: Label: The Darlins’ Music ISRC Code: QM54M1500002 Song IPI# BMI# 13999983 Songwriters: Jude Toy / Erinn Bates Songwriters’ IPI#: SESAC# 395851 / BMI# 469049227 Publisher: Big Hair & Boots / Star of the Siren Publisher IPI#: SESAC# 418977 / BMI# 590611944 More

Marshall - Tailspin (Official Music Video) - Country singer, storyteller and entertainer Marshall makes dynamic, homespun... - Country singer, storyteller and entertainer Marshall makes dynamic, homespun music based on his everyday life and observations about the human condition. Packed with soul and grit, his tunes are radiant with infectious guitar melodies, rollicking rhythms and nostalgic poetry. Marshall channels his fresh, frank views on love, loss, self-discovery and moving on through his gravelly voice seasoned with a drop of sweetness. A generous and engaging performer, he connects to audiences through his energetic live shows, inviting them into his expressive inner world. Marshall’s solo debut, Sinners and Saints features six heartfelt songs that bloom from a place of deep honesty and real-world experience. Produced by two-time Grammy nominee Travis Wyrick (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels, Shinedown) in Knoxville, the material on the EP flowed out of Marshall when he moved to Nashville after the brutal end of a long-time romance. The album is brimming with heartbreak and hope and shows his growth as a songwriter as well as his ability to glide through many musical styles, including modern and retro country, rock, folk and everything in between. A passion for music has coursed through Marshall’s veins since his childhood split between rural West Virginia and North Carolina; he hails from three generations of accomplished musicians and singers. He came up listening to country radio hits by artists such as Restless Heart, Lonestar, George Strait and John Michael Montgomery, often while riding around in his uncle’s truck. On New Year’s Day when he was 16-years old, he discovered his father’s old bass guitar in a closet and started learning to play it while experimenting with throwing together his own lyrics. Before long, he was seeking out concerts with friends, playing in bands and putting poetry to music, embracing that he was fated to be a country singer/songwriter. Marshall has already garnered many accomplishments as a musician. He has played bass and sung in both rock and country groups, played thousands of shows and recorded half a dozen studio albums. He has released singles that have charted in the top 10 on R&R charts. Marshall also supported country artist Jody Lee Petty on bass, touring the southeast and opening for nationally-known acts including Colt Ford, Josh Thompson, Justin Moore and David Allen Coe. Drawing inspiration from great country crooners such as Travis Meadows, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton and Dierks Bentley, who are capable of painting vivid pictures with words, Marshall is now boldly embarking on a solo career and preparing for the official release of Sinners and Saints. He is currently building a robust backing band and booking both acoustic and full-band shows throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic states. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists iTunes: Label: Marshall Rocks Country ISRC Code: TCACO1631387 Song IPI: BMI 21807252 Songwriters: Marshall Jones Songwriters IPI: BMI 488209813 Publishers: Tunecore Digital Publisher IPI: BMI 642005099 More

Hillbilly Vegas - Shake It Like a Hillbilly - Blasting intensity right out of the gate, country influenced rockers... - Blasting intensity right out of the gate, country influenced rockers Hillbilly Vegas got loads of traction with their debut album Ringo Manor, moving a whopping 10,000 copies (massive for an emerging indie band) and scoring major chart action for its first single “Little Miss Rough and Tumble” was on the national country music charts for 26 weeks. Great breakthroughs, sure, but the band – led by Steve Harris (vocals and rhythm guitar) Stacy Thornburg (lead guitar, vocals), Johnny Reed (guitar, vocals), Robb Edwards (bass) and Troy Hollinger (drums)– wanted to get back to their more raucous roots. So they hightailed it to Dallas to work with renowned Texas rock producer Alex Gerst at Empire Sound Recording Studio. Now, with deeper attitude and edge, they’re celebrating the freewheeling spirit of 76’ (their new EP) and getting everyone to “Shake It Like A Hillbilly” with their fiery, rockin’ new single and high energy video. Good mojo’s always essential when bands make a powerful sonic move, and Hillbilly Vegas got tons of it being recorded on the very recording console Bruce Springsteen used for Born In The USA at The Power Station. That’s bound to continue with the new promotional game plan for all future singles, including the second one, the crackling party anthem “High Time For A Good Time”: sharing videos via multiple platforms instead of aiming for radio airplay. Another key track on the album is “2 Gun Town,” a hard rock psycho-rockabilly tune originally written for a National Geographic TV show. “We’ve taken more control this time around as far as our sound and direction,” says Harris. “We’ve always been a rock band sort of dabbling in the country market and that’s even more evident this time around, recording with Alex, who’s worked with many major label bands in Texas. We’re grateful for the success of Ringo Manor, but it was a learning experience as was all of our time recording it in Nashville. Our fans kept telling us they loved our giant live sound and that while they liked our album we’re more exciting live. That’s the power we went for on 76’, which we named after Johnny’s 76 Gibson Firebird guitar. We loved the way Alex got those big drum sounds and the cool atmosphere he created for us to do the hard work. He was the perfect co-producer.” As live performers, Hillbilly Vegas has come a long way from that first acoustic coffeehouse gig a few years ago, around the same time a hotshot from a major Nashville label heard their first song “Wrong” on a Ft. Smith, Arkansas station and offered them a contract. Their work with Battle Saint, a national organization that raises money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (benefiting vets suffering from traumatic brain injuries), led to a unique connection with popular race car driver Dennis Schoenfeld, whose company provides headers to the majority of all cars racing today, including NASCAR vehicles. Schoenfeld took a liking to Hillbilly Vegas, and the band is now sponsored by several national racing teams. Most of their live performances are festivals and events connected to the world of racing. Their logo is on two of Schoenfeld’s cars and one belonging to Jake Davis Motor Sports. “We’re all about creating fun, high energy, memorable music that gives people a good feeling,” says Harris. “I love hearing tunes on the radio that stir up feelings that take me back to special times and places – and if Hillbilly Vegas can do that for people, it’s a wonderful thing. We know we’re not doing socially groundbreaking material, but it’s real. Each song chronicles the experience and influences of the guys who wrote them.” Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Song IPI# BMI# 13286236 Songwriters: Stephen Harris - BMI# 579784767 John Reed – BMI# 440314993 Richie Owens Publisher: Stephen Harris Music – BMI# 579784767 More

Caroline Romano - Hashtag - Caroline Romano is a singer/songwriter from Mississippi and is widely... - Caroline Romano is a singer/songwriter from Mississippi and is widely considered in the industry as one of the brightest young up and coming artists of the last few years. At just the young age of fourteen, she has already accomplished feats only achieved by major stars such as sharing the stage with breakout headlining pop and country stars Shawn Mendes (“Stitches”), Kelsea Ballerini (“Dibs”, “Love Me Like You Mean It”, “Peter Pan”), Frankie Ballard (“Helluva Life”), Chris Janson (“Buy Me A Boat”) and has performed at countless fairs and festival including a coveted spot at the Mississippi State Fair, the world famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville Tennessee and the 24th Annual Crawfish Music Festival. In 2015, Caroline caught the attention of hit songwriter and multiplatinum selling record producer Steve Freeman. He instantly saw her talents as a songwriter and a performer. The two began collaborating on Caroline’s debut EP entitled “Hashtag” in early 2016. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists iTunes: Artist Instagram: WAV File: Label: Vices Verses Music ISRC Code: USH731600001 Song IPI: BMI# 21660420 Songwriters: Caroline Romano Songwriters IPI: BMI# 802469153 Publishers: Caroline Romano Music More

Bobby Palermo - Make America Great Again - Bobby Palermo is a singer / songwriter from Florida who shares a passion that so many... - Bobby Palermo is a singer / songwriter from Florida who shares a passion that so many American's share. He wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. He wrote this heartfelt single and has just completed this amazing video for it. According to Bobby, "While watching Fox News a couple of years ago, Donald Trump came on and the first words out of his mouth were “(I am going to) "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN." The songwriter in me instantly snapped to attention and I shut the TV off, went into my office studio and my wife, Valerie and I wrote this song in an hour. At that time, we had no idea Trump was going to be running for president. We wrote the song because we are tired of the direction that our Great Country is going and we want our country to go back to the values and morals that built America and made it Great. This song was not written with a specific political agenda in mind. Also, though this is Trump's political mantra, we wrote it before the title was his theme and movement. WE WROTE IT FOR ALL AMERICA." Being a Naval veteran of the Vietnam War, Bobby was very honored to be able to have footage of the Navy’s Blue Angels included in his video. Like so many Americans, our military demonstration teams like the Blue Angels travel the country and help remind Americans that the strength of our nation lies in the sacrifices of our veterans. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MakeAmericaGreat #BlueAngels #AmericaFirst Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists CD Baby: Label: Bobby Palermo Music Song IPI: BMI# 10708197 Songwriters: Bobby Joseph Palermo Songwriters IPI: BMI# 519368332 Publishers: Bobby Joseph Palermo Publisher IPI: BMI# 519368332 More

Cooder Graw - Love to Live By - (Official Video) - Cooder Graw's title track to their new album "Love to Live By." Produced by Rich Brotherton... - Cooder Graw's title track to their new album "Love to Live By." Produced by Rich Brotherton (Lead guitarist with Robert Earl Keen) at Mark Hallman's Congress House Studios in Austin, TX. Matt Martindale, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Kelly Turner on lead guitar, Paul Baker playing Bass, Kelly Test on drums, Danny Crelin on the pedal steel guitar and Carmen Acciaioli playing fiddle. The video script was written and directed by filmmaker and photographer, Rock Williams. Production Coordinator, Robin Williams, worked with producers Julie Kidwill and sound engineer Gyro Wardlow to film at Hog Mountain Ranch in Mineral Wells, TX owned by Craig and Tyshann Massey. Kelsey Powell makes her video debut as the lead, a strong woman of extreme sacrifice. This is one you might want to watch twice to catch the full meaning of the story. This video is dedicated with love and appreciation to the strong women and men that serve the United States Armed Forces. Cooder Graw barreled out of the gate in 1997, amidst a ferocious stampede of Texas artists including Jason Boland and the Stragglers, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Roger Creager, on a trail blazed by legendary Texas musicians turned national stars like Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green and Jack Ingram, in the heat of the uprising Texas and Red Dirt music revolution. No shortage of excitement on stage, their unpredictable live show and hard-charging, guitar-driven sound – uniquely branded “loud country” – coupled with that enigmatic yet unforgettable name, set Cooder Graw firmly among the landmark acts that built the Texas music machine around the turn of the millennium. From modest beginnings playing covers at the Golden Light Cantina in Amarillo, the band – including lead singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist Matt Martindale, lead guitar Kelly Turner, and Paul Baker on bass guitar – quickly earned a loyal fan base and in 1998 released their debut album, Home at the Golden Light, which credits Matthew McConaughey, a fraternity brother of Martindale, as executive producer. The live offering led to opening shows for such renowned country artists as Willie Nelson, Alabama, Dwight Yoakum, Robert Earl Keen and Asleep at the Wheel, among others. In 2000 came their debut studio release, the self-titled Cooder Graw, co-produced by multiple Grammy Award-winner Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel and Hayden Nicholas, nine-time #1 country songwriter and guitarist for Clint Black. The sophomore effort made itself at home on the national radio charts for 13 straight weeks and delivered classic favorites like “18 Wheels of Loving,” “Dirty Little Hometown Girl,” and “My Give a Damn is Broken.” In early 2001, Cooder Graw issued their second live album, Segundo, which mixed previously unrecorded tunes with renditions of favorites from their debut, and spawned the group’s first top 10 hit on the Texas country charts with “Willie's Guitar.” A second 2001 offering, the studio album Shifting Gears, scored two more top 10 Texas hits with “New Dress” and “Better Days,” the latter of which remained on the charts for an incredible 40 weeks, and inspired the band’s first music video that aired on major country music networks including Great American Country (GAC). The band’s 2002 installment in the famed Live at Billy Bob's Texas album series opened with “Llano Estacado,” the now-infamous loud country anthem that was featured on a series of national Dodge truck commercials and made Cooder Graw a household name across the Lone Star state. In 2004, the Panhandle band released their sixth album, Wake Up, featuring the chart friendly single “Lifetime Stand.” Described by Martindale as “edgier and a little more raw,” with the hard rocking live show staple “Clarksdale” and haunting melody of “That Girl Crystal,” the release was a decidedly different offering from the group who had matured musically. Cooder Graw toured relentlessly for most of a decade, playing 200 dates a year at many of the finest venues across the Southwest, and by the end of 2006 the road weary band was feeling the toll of living their songs nightly and longing for home. They played a final show at The Horseman Club in Fort Worth on New Year’s Eve and announced they would stop touring indefinitely. After a six-year hiatus, the group came together in 2012 for what was expected to be a short reunion tour but the Cooder fan base is as fervent as ever and the band is enjoying a relaxed touring schedule without expectations, having a good time playing well-worn songs and writing new ones. With the 2016 release of Love to Live By, a six song EP, the Panhandle band marks the beginning of a new chapter. Produced by Rich Brotherton and recorded at Congress House Studios in Austin, the long awaited seventh album release is a sweet taste of all that fans love about Cooder Graw. The chart-climbing lead single, “Heart of Breaking Up,” delivers with Martindale’s signature down home lyrical style and the good-feeling, loud country sound that fans know and love. Same with the hard rocking “Virginia Slims and Little Kings,” a nostalgic, adolescent love anthem set to be the song of the summer. The title track, “Love to Live By,” a sensual slow burner that calls for dancing slow and close, is accompanied by a powerful new music video with a message of support for military veterans and their families. With the return of drummer Kelly Test, and the addition of Carmen Acciaioli on fiddle and Danny Crelin on pedal steel, the momentum continues to build for Cooder Graw, blazing a new trail and leaving their unmistakable mark in Texas music history. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists iTunes: Label: Three to One Records ISRC Code: QMZNU1500003 Song IPI: BMI#: 20781643 Songwriters: Matt Martindale, Roger Hodges, Jeremy Drinkwine Songwriters IPI: BMI# 353105004, BMI# 242313801, SESAC# 671498215 Publishers: Clairue House Publishing, Big God Music, 432 Music Publishing Publisher IPI: BMI# 591503157, BMI# 357066549, SESAC# 696674086 More

Shane Owens - Country Never Goes Out of Style - Shane Owens’ new single, “Country Never Goes Out Of Style,” is as they say, “country as... - Shane Owens’ new single, “Country Never Goes Out Of Style,” is as they say, “country as cornbread.” Anyone who has grown up country can likely relate to its lyrics. The song preaches the lives of so many: wearing a John Deere hat, Wrangler jeans, driving an old Ford pickup down a gravel road and fishing with a cane pole. Owens’ thick Alabama drawl entwines through the lyrics making the case for the song title. According to Randy Travis: “Shane’s song, Country Never Goes Out of Style, is a simple and perfect description of what country living and Country music is all about. In listening to it, I can’t help but reminisce about the best days of my youth and life in simpler times – when technology was a phone with a cord and a party line, transportation was a bicycle, a horse, or a hand-me-down car with manual windows, and taking the initiative to help someone in need was your pleasure and just the way it was. Though much has changed, I think It’s important to keep a focus on our roots – it is a way of life that should never go out of style. Shane has successfully merged yesterday, and today, to remind us that country will always be in style!” In Owens’ own words, “The song ‘Country Never Goes Out Of Style’ means so much to me. It really talks about the way I was raised and the way I live my life today. I can still see my granddad driving that old Ford pickup and wearing that John Deere hat just the way I still do! I think a lot of people live this song daily and can relate to it, especially if they were raised in the country with old school ways. I really think we have a hit with this one. If anyone out there loves to catch a fish on a cane pole at the honey hole, loves to eat homemade ice cream and sit on that porch swing you will love this song!” "Country Never Goes Out of Style" was directed by famed videographer, Jim Shea, who has received multiple awards and nominations for his work with Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Brad Paisley, among many others. The single is currently gathering strong momentum at radio and is the lead track from his forthcoming full-length album, set for release in early 2016. It was Executive produced by Country music icon, Randy Travis, produced by the legendary James Stroud (Chris Young, Clint Black), and mixed by the award-winning Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Collin Raye). Many things fade but “Country never goes out of style.” Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Artists iTunes: Artist Label: Amerimont Records, LLC ISRC Code: USASN1501555 Song IPI: ASCAP # 331740175 Songwriters: Galen Griffin / Jason Patrick Matthews / Kerry Kurt Phillips Songwriters IPI: BMI# 144324891 / BMI# 341101623 / ASCAP# 128013312 Publishers: Galen Griffin Music / EMI April Music, Inc. / Songfighter Music / Dixie Stars a div. of HoriPro Ent. Group Publisher IPI: ASCAP# 335470079 / BMI# 144850768 / ASCAP# 470595829 / ASCAP# 128633767 More

Shane Owens - Where I'm Comin From - The video of "Where I'm Comin' From" captures the essence of everyday life in small town... - The video of "Where I'm Comin' From" captures the essence of everyday life in small town America; From the opening scenes of rural landscapes, a warm cup of morning coffee being served at the local diner and cheerleaders prepping for the homecoming football game, Owens welcomes the viewer into the rural Alabama locales of his upbringing and the bedrock American values instilled in him as a youth. As he sings in his burnished baritone from a front porch and under trees covered with Spanish moss, his heartfelt lyrics meld seamlessly with powerful images of his mother and grandmother canning green beans, Owens loading animal feed into his pickup truck, family fishing trips, bucking hay into a barn, and children pledging allegiance to the flag. "Where I'm Comin' From" was directed by famed videographer, Jim Shea, who has received multiple awards and nominations for his work with Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Brad Paisley, among many others. The single is currently gathering strong momentum at radio and is the lead track from his forthcoming full-length album, set for release in early 2016. It was Executive produced by Country music icon, Randy Travis, produced by the legendary James Stroud (Chris Young, Clint Black), and mixed by the award-winning Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Collin Raye). "It was a blessing beyond measure to shoot the video of "Where I'm Comin' From" in my hometown of Geneva, AL," states Owens. "Shooting a country video doesn't happen around here every day. The people were very excited to be a part of something this special and we made memories with family and friends that will be cherished forever!" Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Artists iTunes: ISRC Code: USASN1501550 Song IPI: ASCAP # 881614486 Songwriters IPI: SESAC#45773366, ASCAP# 12813312 Publisher IPI: SESAC# 6965768, ASCAP# 335470079 More

Simba Jordan - Country Thang - Growing up in the Columbus, Ohio area where Rock & Roll, R & B and Hip-Hop reign,... - Growing up in the Columbus, Ohio area where Rock & Roll, R & B and Hip-Hop reign, Simba Jordan found himself listening to Country albums at his grandparents' house and watching TV shows like Dolly Parton and Hee Haw. He absorbed it all, but came to love Country the most. "I kind of consider myself the 'Urban Cowboy' with many parts of my life rooted in country, but I grew up in the city. When I first heard "Country Thang," it really moved me and I just couldn't sit still. This song embodies most of what country is. Along with its modulation and tempo, it is a song you want to sing and dance to." Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Label: Kinfolk Records, LLC Songwriters: Lonnie Wilson, Kenny Beard, Jimmy Yeary Songwriter IPI: ASCAP# 51280900, ASCAP# 128585942, BMI# 357334160 Publishers: Nick N Ash Music, Sony ATV Tree, Round Hill Songs/Big Tractor, Sony ATV Cross Keys Publishers IPI: BMI# 354644355, BMI# 425389934, ASCAP# 730933451, ASCAP# 426047965 Song IPI: BMI# 5898158 / ASCAP# 330843342 ISRC Code: USQY51285732 More

Shane Michael Taylor - Soldier Cowboy At first glance, Shane Michael Taylor’s story may seem similar to that of many other... At first glance, Shane Michael Taylor’s story may seem similar to that of many other country artists in the industry today. He had dreamed of pursuing a career in music since he was a young boy growing up in Waterbury, Connecticut. He enjoyed riding horses, listening to country greats like John Denver and Garth Brooks and eventually began writing his own lyrics. What audiences may not realize when they first listen to Shane’s songs, however, is that he has overcome more obstacles and adversity in his three decades than most people could imagine facing in a lifetime. Shane navigates the world in a wheelchair. Everything from eating and showering to getting into bed requires the assistance of someone else. In addition, he struggles to communicate verbally as a result of being born with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy, a developmental disorder affecting movement, speech and posture. Making excuses, however, was never an option for Shane. Shane taught himself to type with his nose at the age of five, at which point it became clear to everyone around him that he was not going to let his physical condition limit him in any way. “I learned to adapt to the world instead of letting it adapt to me,” he notes. “When I am faced with a challenge, I try to find something that works and I don't stop until I do." After tackling typing, next up was learning how to balance. Shane was unable to sit upright and suffered frequent concussions as a result of always falling over and banging his head. At the suggestion of his mother, six-year-old Shane began attending an after school camp at a local equestrian farm in his hometown, where kids learned to care for, look after and ride horses. In six weeks the determined youngster went from “Humpty Dumpty” (as he called himself) to riding with little support. “One day I got to ride a horse in the farm’s annual show to ‘Standing Outside the Fire’ by Garth Brooks,” remembers Shane. “The song spoke to me.” It was that moment, and Shane’s newfound confidence, that ignited a passion for country music within him. Music then became an integral part of Shane’s life, from insisting that country radio be played when he got home from school to experimenting with writing his own lyrics in his teenage years. After years of struggling with communication, writing songs became a way for Shane to connect with others. Music then became an integral part of Shane’s life; from insisting that country radio be played when he got home from school to experimenting with writing his own lyrics in his teenage years, he was hooked. After years of struggling with communication, writing songs became a way for Shane to connect with others. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to shatter stereotypes and follow his dreams, Shane earned college degrees in both music business and sound recording at the University of New Haven and began making frequent visits to Nashville to co-write with prominent Music City songwriters like Lorna Flowers and Mason Douglas. Now, after years of honing his craft, Shane Michael Taylor is releasing a debut album of his songs entitled, I Will Stand, available now here. Featuring top-notch vocalists like Clare Dunn, Mason Douglas, Josh Helms, Trent Jeffcoat and chart-topping pop icon Tiffany, this project includes 13 tracks all co-written by Taylor. Complete with songs about persevering through both the highs and lows of life (“Livin’ This Rodeo”), not overlooking small acts of kindness (“Everyday Heroes”) and knowing that lost loved ones are always with us (“Looking Up to You”), this album proves that Taylor has the songwriting chops to compete with today’s top tunesmiths. When he is not writing songs, Shane tours the country as a motivational speaker encouraging people to never give up on their dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. He has also penned an audio-book, Living This Rodeo: A Journey from Fantasy to Reality, that details his life journey. “We can either hang our heads and get thrown around,” says Shane, “or we can hang on tight during the wild ride of life and get where we want.” Facebook: Twitter: Label: Platinum Horse productions Songwriters: Shane Michael Taylor, KellyAnn Hocter, Justin Zimmer Songwriter IPI: SESAC# 00633471652, SESAC# 00638383225, ASCAP# Publishers: Platinum Horse Publishing, Maple Roots Publishing, No Excuses Publishing Publishers IPI: SESAC #00633346458, SESAC# 00638383715, ASCAP# 477892686 Song IPI: SESAC #747486 More

Mary James - Fearfully, Wonderfully Made - Drawing from her personal adoption story and the understanding that God makes healing... - Drawing from her personal adoption story and the understanding that God makes healing possible; “Fearfully, Wonderfully Made” was created to shine light, hope, and truth on what many feel is a hopeless situation. As the song says, “We’re all precious in God’s sight and His love can make things right.” Knowing that she could have easily been aborted, James celebrates her Mother’s courage and value of human life. Through the story, she hopes to help mothers make informed choices and advocate on behalf of preborn children. Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Label: Mary James Ministries, Inc. Songwriters: Mary James / Gary Livesay Songwriters IPI Numbers: ASCAP# 464834334 / BMI# 185324955 Publisher: Bucket of Pearls Music Publisher IPI #: ASCAP# 478029920 Song IPI#: ASCAP# 885671569 More

Ward Davis - No Goin Home

"No Goin Home" - A Music Video Shortfilm by Ward Davis, Greg Jones, & W. Earl Brown Song written & performed by... "No Goin Home" - A Music Video Shortfilm by Ward Davis, Greg Jones, & W. Earl Brown Song written & performed by Ward Davis - Ward Davis is an American Singer/Songwriter from Southeast Arkansas. Since moving to Nashville in 2000, Ward has written songs recorded by Trace Adkins, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Wade Hayes, Sammy Kershaw and many others. While writing has always been a passion for Ward, his first true love is singing and playing. In early 2015, he teamed up with Grammy Winning producer Jim “Moose” Brown to record his first full-length album of original material. The album, “15 Years in a 10 Year Town,” includes eight self-penned songs along with the Ed Bruce classic, “Old Wore Out Cowboys,” a collaboration with Willie Nelson and Jamey Johnson. On top of having his own solo career, in 2009, Ward, along with friends Rick Huckaby & Matt Nolen, formed the alt-country band, The Beagles in Nashville. Since then they have written and recorded two studio albums – “Meet the Beagles” in 2010 & “Mucho Dos Grande,” in 2012. They were featured on the A&E original series “Crazy Hearts Nashville” in 2014 and performed background vocals on the song they wrote for Trace Adkins, “So What If I Do.” Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Label: Hawkville Records Songwriter(s): Ward Davis Songwriter IPI: BMI# 428697903 Publisher(s): Jonesin Forward Music / Tunecore Digital Music Publishers IPI: BMI# 714223578 / BMI# 642005099 Song IPI#: BMI# 20205045 ISRC: QM32V1500001 More

Joe Schmidt - My Field of Dreams - Joe Schmidt releases his most cherished song "My Field of Dreams" to help the amazing... - Joe Schmidt releases his most cherished song "My Field of Dreams" to help the amazing one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization, Farm Rescue. He is generously giving all proceeds from this wonderful song to the nonprofit organization to assist as many families as possible. "My Field of Dreams" is the embodiment of rural farm life, the sacrifices made and the ground breaking work done by Farm Rescue in assisting farm and ranch families experiencing a major illness, injury or natural disaster. Visit . Facebook: Twitter: FARM RESCUE FOUNDATION Website: Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Songwriters: Joseph Arlyn Schmidt BMI# 770594024 Bobby Cyrus BMI# 182441577 Publisher: Somewhere in Tennessee Publishing BMI# 564876206 More

Peridot - Lonely Work – "We marry folk songs with pop melodies, drawing inspiration from elusive emotions that... – "We marry folk songs with pop melodies, drawing inspiration from elusive emotions that we all feel, but often struggle to articulate. They’re subtle and powerful and they aren’t easily described by familiar words like “love” and “heartbreak.” Most of the time, they are more complicated than that. Peridot is an exploration of universal emotional hues, and we hope every song is a fingerprint." Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Written by: Hillary Katherine Reynolds, Trevor M. Jarvis Published by: Hillary Reynolds Band Publishing, LLC ASCAP Song IPI#: 889968090 ASCAP Writer IPI# 655974102, 662595612 ASCAP Publisher IPI# 660847035 Copyright © 2016 Hillary Reynolds Band, LLC More

Jake Clayton - What Not To Do - “I’m having the time of my life. I have a love affair with music, but being able to... - “I’m having the time of my life. I have a love affair with music, but being able to entertain people is what I get out of it.” So says Country artist Jake Clayton, the gifted singer, thought-provoking songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist who is attracting the attention of Country fans and radio programmers everywhere with his hot new single, “What Not to Do.” Jake is the rare artist who is able to enthrall a packed house with not just his vocals, songs and showmanship, but with his amazing instrumental ability as well. Playing over 20 instruments as an in-demand Nashville session musician, he is now stepping out on his own to take his place among the greats of Country music. “What Not to Do,” a song about the consequences of poor decision-making from his album By the Light of the Moon, is an uptempo, guitar-and-fiddle-driven romp that brings Charlie Daniels to mind. But Jake’s highly-recognizable tenor is all his own, inviting comparisons to Garth Brooks, The Eagles and Tim McGraw. A native of rural Mexico, Missouri, Jake was raised by musical parents who sang professionally in the area. He was given his late grandfather’s fiddle – which he still plays to this day – when he was 13. But he wasn’t able to stop there, soon taking up just about any instrument with strings or keys, including banjo, organ, pedal steel guitar and more, while developing his singing and stage chops. “I learned about playing music by watching VHS tapes of concerts that really captivated me, like Garth’s show in Central Park,” he recalls. “But most importantly, they showed me how an artist entertains an audience.” As he learned every instrument in sight, Jake also began to understand the importance of delivering captivating vocals and crafting a good song. “The Dixie Chicks picked great, but their songs and their harmonies were powerful, too,” he remembers. “That’s when I started to take singing and songwriting more seriously.” At 17 Jake was fronting his own shows. “I actually had my own theater in Missouri for a couple years, an old restaurant we converted into a venue where I could perform,” he recalls fondly. “I was doing mostly classic Country for older people who understood and loved music, which was great. Because of my age I really didn’t do bar gigs much. Then I took a fill-in job playing fiddle with The Oak Ridge Boys at 19 and moved to Nashville when I was 20.” Jake has since been a utility man in the live bands of Tanya Tucker, Collin Raye, Jimmy Wayne, Joey & Rory and Jamie O’Neal, and travelled for several years with singer Sunny Sweeney on two major tours. And in 2015, Sweeney enlisted Jake and his own band to support her on Miranda Lambert’s 2015 Certified Platinum Tour. Opportunities like this have made it possible for him to be part of opening slots with such Country music headliners as Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, George Strait, and many more. As an in-demand studio musician, Jake’s credits include playing violin and cello on Thompson Square’s #1 single, “If I Didn’t Have You,” and playing fiddle, dobro and lap steel on Sunny Sweeney’s critically acclaimed album, Provoked. He was the featured dobro player on Joey & Rory’s Inspired DVD and TV special, and he recorded and co-produced the theme song for The Sportsman Channel’s Legacy Trails TV. Jake also recorded an acclaimed instrumental album, Barnyard Stomp, which was distributed by Rock guitar legend Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label. As a solo artist, Jake has opened for Charlie Daniels, Jon Pardi, and Jerrod Niemann. He’s seen his childhood dreams come true as he’s graced the stages of Madison Square Garden, The Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and other legendary venues. Jake is a natural singer, with a distinctive voice that is right at home on today’s Country radio. “My vocals are one of the reasons I get hired to work with other artists, besides the fact that I play so many instruments,” the gregarious artist says. “I’ve been influenced by the best. I could listen to Don Henley sing the phone book, and Garth, of course, really knows how to deliver a lyric. I love Collin Raye, and Jared Leto from the band 30 Seconds to Mars. And I learned so much from being on the road with Tanya about how to do things inside a melody, and how to connect with people.” Every song on By the Light of the Moon was written or co-written by Jake, whose songwriting heroes include some of the legends of Country as well as today’s most successful young writers. “I’m a fan of Kacey Musgraves’ writing, and I really love Sunny’s writing,” he says. “I think Bob DiPiero (David Nail, Martina McBride) is one of the greats. I love Tom T. Hall. And you can’t beat Marty Robbins, who was the pinnacle of what an artist and writer should be.” Jake and his band play about 50 shows a year right now, and he looks to do more with the success of his new single. “We play all over the country and have been received really well everywhere we go,” he says. “While I still play for other artists, I see myself doing less and less of that in the future, because my main goal is to continue to release my own music and to give people a show they won’t forget. We’re all about the music and getting it out to the fans.” Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: iTunes: YouTube: Song IPI: BMI# 18597463 Songwriters: Jake Clayton / Rob Daniels / Alan Gibson Songwriters IPI: BMI# 641565840, 654311857, 448914621 Publisher: Fravik Trail Publishing Publisher IPI: BMI# 641706851 ISRC Code: QMXWH1509002 More

Matthew Human - Shoes Under My Bed

Http:// - Rooted in the best of country music traditions, Matthew Human’s music is about the... Http:// - Rooted in the best of country music traditions, Matthew Human’s music is about the simple life, and what’s truly important – healthy food, clean air and water, true love, and community. It’s that kind of hippie country rock that you probably haven’t heard since the early days of the Eagles. From 2003 to 2012 Human toured with his country-rock dance band, “The Human Revolution” which became one of the best-loved acts on the West Coast festival circuit. His 2007 award-winning pro-hemp video “Tree of Life” garnered over 600,000 views on social media. In 2009 he opened for Willie Nelson’s Labor Day show, and he has led three US-based tours in support of GMO labeling initiatives, including a 315-mile march from Brooklyn NY to Washington DC culminating outside the White House on International Food Day in 2011. He is also the Global Music Ambassador for Food For Life Global, the largest vegetarian food relief program in the world. In 2014 Matthew Human joined an elite group of compassion-driven artists when he performed for the inmates at Folsom Prison in northern California. For his eighth studio album, a pop-country project that breaks musical barriers and brings fresh new energy to the country world, Matthew Human returns to his Nashville, Tennessee roots. Human currently divides his time between touring and Costa Rica, where he has built a simple home and grows food on 80 acres of cooperatively owned land. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Artists iTunes: ISRC Code: QM4LG1590001 Song IPI: BMI 19254226 Songwriters IPI: JACOBS KYLE CHRISTOPHER ASCAP 34142988 NANCE WILLARD RAY JR BMI 223549576 SALLIS PETER JOHN SESAC 437714056 WESTON RILEY ELIZABETH ASCAP 600700606 Publisher IPI: BRAND NEW SONG AND NANCE BMI 750477826 MIKE CURB MUSIC BMI 72077386 Used with full permission of artist and label More

Southern Halo - Little White Dress - Southern Halo is a teenage modern country rock band composed of sisters Natalia,... - Southern Halo is a teenage modern country rock band composed of sisters Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris. Natalia, 18 years old, is the gifted guitarist and keyboard player and takes center stage as lead vocalist. Christina, 16 years old, is the talented, hard rocking drummer. Hannah, 15 years old, is the band’s laid back hippie bassist. Their harmonies best define their sound. Steadily growing their fan base, this Mississippi sister trio has played from Atlanta, Georgia to San Diego, California and small bar restaurants in the Mississippi Delta to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. Southern halo has generated an exceptionally interesting sound which is both raw and heartfelt. Each of the sisters brings their own taste and unique individuality to the band. With hot country, classic country and rock influences, southern halo has created a very well-received unique sound they call “CPR”, country pop rock! After starting 2014 by winning local, state and regional contests, southern halo became the youngest act to ever compete in the national “Texaco Country Showdown” competition. Since then, they have opened for Craig Campbell, Julie Roberts, Uncle Kracker, Parmalee, The Late B.B. King, Randy Houser, Alabama’s Jeff Cook, John Michael Montgomery and many more popular artists. They also just finished recording their first album produced by Catt Gravitt who’s credits include, Jake Owen, Rascal Flatt’s, Jana Kramer, Kelly Clarkson, Eden’s Edge and The Band Perry! Musical Director is Ilya Toshinsky, Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin Player for Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Jake Owen, Lady A, One Direction, Rascal Flatt, Luke Bryan, George Strait, and many more. The CD is available on iTunes, iTunes Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and other online music platforms and in select stores. Their first music video “Little White Dress” will be released in September. Southern halo’s high energy performances and loyal fans (0ver 35k Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reverb Nation members) have made them in high demand. During the 2015 “Spreading Our Wings Tour”, they will be performing at fairs, festivals and various concert venue’s across the USA. Don’t Miss Your Chance to see these incredible performers! Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Instagram: Artist Artists iTunes: ISRC Code: QM3SR1500001 Song IPI: ASCAP #888461050 Songwriters IPI: BMI# 775425024, SESAC# 339009272, SOCAN# 120342140 Publisher IPI: ASCAP# 679276586, ASCAP# 491871912, SOCAN#635870133 Used with full permission of artist and label More

Les Kerr - Contributor - Les Kerr is a songwriter, recording artist and performer who brings blues, Rockabilly, New... - Les Kerr is a songwriter, recording artist and performer who brings blues, Rockabilly, New Orleans music, Zydeco, and bluegrass together to create his “Hillbilly Blues Caribbean Rock & Roll.” Now based in Nashville, Kerr was born in Louisiana and raised in Mississippi in the Gulf Coast city of Pascagoula and in Jackson. Contributor, the song, is written from the perspective of the men and women who offer The Contributor, a throughout the Nashville area and beyond. The Contributor is a weekly newspaper sold around Middle Tennessee, that provides homeless and formerly homeless vendors a source of income. While creating community between vendors and customers, the newspaper offers a diversity of perspectives and information relating to homelessness. Creative content including poetry, often written by the vendors, also provides a glimpse into day to day homeless life. Vendor profiles illustrate how people can end up on the streets and how hard it is to return to housing. Many who sell the newspaper are shown in the video, as is the press where the paper is manufactured. In addition, Wagner’s artwork depicting vendors is included throughout the video. “It was a treat to see this song come to life,” said Kerr, a Nashville songwriter and long-time Contributor customer. “As a songwriter, I tried to put myself in the position of a vendor who knows his customers may or may not care how he ended up on the street but are willing to help him by purchasing the paper. In addition, the idea that those who buy the paper are also ‘contributors’ in the process is important to me. It takes both vendors and readers to make the process work. Kerr began writing the song in 2011 and completed it in 2014. He was inspired by the spirit of the vendors and their desire to get them off the street. The lyrics begin, “I’m standing on this corner; I stand here every day. Selling these newspapers to the people on their way.” The song’s chorus declares, “I’m just a small contributor; a spoke in a bigger wheel. When you buy my papers, we’re both part of a bigger deal…that makes us both contributors to the world we’d like to see.” It is Kerr’s hope that the video and the song will bring attention to The Contributor and street newspapers around the country. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists iTunes: #LesKerr #homeless #Country #streetlife #contributor #streetnewspaper ISRC Code: QMF941500001 Used with full permission of artist and label More

Jason Terry - Green Light Go - Jason remembers getting his first guitar when he was five years old. He didn’t know... - Jason remembers getting his first guitar when he was five years old. He didn’t know the chords to songs he wanted to play, so he just made them up and played and sang to anyone who would listen. “My mom always told me that she supported me 100%. I was sold from the first applause.” Living in East Tennessee in the small town of Oneida, music was a regular part of his life. When Jason found he could easily express his emotions through writing and singing, he pursued his dream of sharing his deep feelings with others through music. Growing up as an only child, his good memories are of having fun in the woods and playing his guitar, drums, and baseball. A favorite memory is getting up early in the summer and going fishing with his grandfather. In contrast Jason faced some dark times in his life when he was on the rocky road of addiction and came close to taking his own life. “I struggled and battled alcohol addiction for several years. On September 20, 2013, I found myself in a desolate field with a loaded pistol in my hand ready to end my life. I received a text from my mom that stated, ‘Maybe you should change your ways.’ At that point I dropped the pistol and asked God to take away all the pain and show me how to get out of the deep depression I was in. Later that day, I checked into a treatment facility where I began to rediscover who God made me to be.” Standing beside him through the good and bad, his parents have made a big impression on his life. During his stay at a treatment facility, Jason began writing songs that related to his experience with addiction and depression. He later released in EP in 2014 entitled, “Letting Go” which shared his inner-most secrets and struggles. Aside from writing music, Jason likes being outdoors in the middle of nowhere by the water. He says, “There is no better way to escape the chaos of the day-to-day life.” “I want my music to be a way for people to relate to what I have felt and gone through.” On stage Jason is not much different than he is in day-to-day life, usually wearing jeans, a button down shirt, a baseball cap and boots. While he continues to enjoy giving a high-energy performance with his band, his favorite thing is to get an acoustic guitar in his hand and share his story. Jason likes to think of fans as family. “I open my heart to them and hopefully one day we can sit down and they can share their hearts with me. I feel that is what music is all about —bringing people together.” Currently, Jason is getting back to his country roots with his first major radio release entitled “Green Light Go”. The single brings a seductive edge to the modern country sound. It is sure to leave you captivated from the opening line, assuring you that you “don’t have to take it slow”. Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists iTunes: Artist EPK: Artist Label: Artist YouTube: ISRC : USCGH1570544 Used with full permission of artist and label More

Chris Chitsey - Superstitious Heart Native Texan, Chris Chitsey, made a name for himself on the competitive, Texas... Native Texan, Chris Chitsey, made a name for himself on the competitive, Texas honky-tonk circuit before graduating to success on a national level over a decade ago. His smooth, evocative voice and energetic stage presence quickly established Chitsey as one of the latest Texas exports to find national acclaim. His self-titled debut album had three songs hit the national charts, including "At A Time Like This," "John Wayne Rides Again" and "With a Body Like That," which held 18 weeks on the CMT and GAC Top 10 Countdown. The talented Texan has teamed with acclaimed producer D. Scott Miller to record "Superstitious Heart," which is the rockin' follow-up to his #1 hit single "Lonely In Tucson." Whether on stage or in the recording studio, Chitsey exudes his passion and dedication to the country music industry. It's that kind of dedicated work ethic, combined with God given talent, that has made Chitsey a timeless success. ### Artist Website: Artist Twitter: Artist Facebook: Itunes: ISRC Code: USCGI569965 More
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