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Basic Information

Von Kopfman
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Music is what Feelings sound like.This synergy of words and music, if woven together correctly can paint magnificent pictures in your mind, a fantastic song can touch your heart in ways that no other medium can. You can hire a top team of producers, engineers, and musicians but if you don't have good bones, if the song is not there, it really is like putting lip stick on a pig.In my opinion there are a lot of really pretty pigs out there right now. So how do you set yourself apart? Find GREAT Songs! That's where I come in.I have written over two thousand songs in most genre's from Metal to Country,from Pop to Rock and yes even Dance music, and custom write for both special occasions and commercials.I have written and produced for a wide variety of artists over the last 26 years either for a single song or a full album,had songs featured in everything from television, movies & X-Box to Nokia ring tones, and am available for co-writing either in person or via the internet. I ghost-write as well. I also maintain an active recording schedule. I am a member of B.M.I.,The Orchard, and TAXI. Let me help you create a "everyone is singing my song" moment. Please view my website where a loop of many of my songs is available, for pricing and information about ghost-writing services, my band site,, or visit my Orchard or Taxi site where selections of my work are available. I also proudly endorse Eastman Guitars, you can see my profile here: and Stetsbar
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