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Basic Information

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For many years I am a songwriter and copywriter. I would like to work within a company team setting as a songwriter. I learned team play from the last 4 years at Starbucks Hendersonville TN. Professionally musically I have done public school Music Education in Metro Nashville; I have played several instruments within churches including large organ; I have sung and played keyboard/accordion with a Latin/Mexican Dance Band; I sing well in English, Spanish, and French. I recently played piano and accordion in Paris, France. I would like to get a position in a music company setting for myself and/or my son Stephen L.R. Jones, who works completing some type of music production recordings along with an other job. Stephen also played guitar and sang in Paris. His vocals are better than mine. Also my teen niece, Chanel Loran, is a professional singer, model, and actress in Los Angeles. Her vocals are best of all. I wrote my first song "In the Streets of Paris" when I was 7 years old. Little did I anticipate falling in love with that city later in life. I studied concert piano under Arturo Rivituso, a virtuoso performer of many classicals but especially Claude Debussy, at University of Chattanooga. He is the only teacher who could produce an absolutely flawless performance of difficult works from me because he was so positive and kind. Lastly, I own 2 left-handed Appalachian dulcimers I have played for 40 years at various functions. My You Tube channel has various videos of songs on dulcimer. I particularly liked doing "Paint It Black" and "A House Is Not A Home" covers on dulcimer because it sounded so strange. Lol. Happy New Year 2019 to everybody ❤ #juliarogersoriginals #downtownmurphybrown
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