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    Rebecca J. Chapman earned her MA in English from Henderson State University in 2007; her thesis was "Toni Morrison's Tetralogy." She received her MFA in Creative Writing from National University in 2009. She currently teaches Composition and Creative Writing classes for Writing Community College in Henderson, and in the past has taught classes on job seeking, drama, computers, and life skills.

    Writing, though, is Rebecca's first passion. She has published a literary analysis on Toni Morrison and presented “Pariahs in Toni Morrison’s Fiction: Catalysts for Change” at the Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery (SISSI) Conference in 2008. She has also published fiction—The last Sunset hit the shelves in 2006. And over the course of more than ten years, she has had more than a dozen poems published in different venues. Her most recent published fiction can be found online in Writing Community College's journal The Final Note.

    Rebecca lives in Henderson with her husband and four children. Some of Rebecca's interests include environmental issues, vegetarian and sustainable lifestyles, music, and reading, and she maintains a blog dedicated to weekly vegan menus at VegiLover.

    Rebecca is the Feature Writer for Academic Writing at  Write My Paper for Me service. Here is a list of her Editor's Choice Award articles:

    Easy Way to Remember English Rules, Avoid Errors
    Easy Ways to Avoid Grammar Errors
    Creative Writing Exercises to Inspire

    Link: https://writemypaper.nyc/
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