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Basic Information
Name: Buddy Powell
Music Industry Role(s):
Current Organization: Lonesome Pine Productions
Current Position: Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Muscian
Bio: I started playing guitar when I was five when my uncle, Glen Powell who was crippled from polio as a child, began to teach me. I spent endless hours sitting under the oak tree in his front yard playing guitar. I started writing songs when I was about twelve and I remember from the time I was 12 until about 17, that all we did was play music. When I was 17 or 18, I was playing music with my lifelong buddy Jay Ed Moore and we played everywhere we could. We even opened for George Jones and Tammy Wynette in Aliquippa Pennsylvania in the late 60s. I've always wanted the opportunity to get my music out in the world for people to get the chance to hear it. I've written over 200 songs and counting. In May of 2014 I won the Northwest Alabama 2014 Songwriter of the Year. My original song "Wildcat Blues" won 2014 Best Blues Song and "Same Old Story" won 2014 Best Religious/Gospel Song from The Ohio Music Awards. Most recently won Northwest Alabama 2015 Album of the year for "Buddy Powell" as well as 2015 Best Gospel song for "Jesus is my Friend" and 2015 Best Religious song for "How Low the Thunder Rolls. Just finished filming movie trailer for Werewolves from Outer Space in which I am making my film debut as werewolf hunter extraordinaire, Rig A. Mortis. Also wrote the theme song “Big Bad Wolves” for the movie which is slated for filming in September.
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