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Basic Information
Name: John Edred Silver
Music Industry Role(s):
Current Organization: Silver Pick Productions in association with Random Arch Music
Current Position: Singer, Promoter and songwriter
Bio: Craig was working at his home studio in Los Angeles one day when John stopped by. After listening to a couple of Craig's instrumental tracks John mentioned he had a song that he wanted Craig to hear. The next four minutes were the beginning of what would become "Invisible", Craig & John's collaborative fusion of musical ideas. Craig was blown away when John started singing an acapella version of "In My Dreams", which was a song written by a friend of John's, Charles Miranda years before. Craig was so impressed by the song and John's ability to sing that he immediately created an epic arrangement without ever having heard any of the original chord progressions. It wasn't until Craig and John were finished with the track that Craig was able to hear Charles' original demo of voice and acoustic guitar. For the next three months Craig and John were in the studio day and night writing and recording. A typical night would be sitting outside by the pool with an ice-cold beer and plenty of paper. John would come up with some lyrics and Craig would immediately rush back into the studio to compose the music and lay down the tracks. By the time Craig would return John would have the next verse or chorus written and this process continued all summer long. John is one of those rare performers that transcends the norm and is often compared with some of the great artists of our time. Craig is a keyboard instrumentalist/producer who has worked professionally in the Los Angeles area for many years. We hope you enjoy their CD release, "Invisible". They are seeking to have their music either licensed, placed or both..
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