Friend Seeker
Loves to build new friendships with others.
Friend Seeker
How to unlock

To unlock this badge, you need to initiate more than 30 friend requests with other users on the site.

Achievers: 61
  • Steve Nordstrom
  • Hal Willis
  • Camille Harlin
  • Katherine Marie Galentine
  • Eldon R Edwards
  • Von Kopfman
  • Sarah mcenerney
  • Steve Scott Thompson
  • Michelle Kraker
  • Mark Brooks
  • Deborah Faye ( O'Carroll / Huntsinger) Mc Kinney
  • Linda Wilson
  • Hamilton Evans
  • Rich Flora
  • Ciera MacKenzie
  • Dáv Mikals
  • Randy Overton
  • Tony Ramey
  • Joseph Griffith
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