Concrete Shoes

By Steff G Mahan in Music 4th January 2017 Video Duration: 00:03:32
This is a new song written in 2016 that will be on my new CD that will be released in 2017. It was filmed at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsey by Music Fog. "Music Fog is a video dedicated venture promoting and celebrating the Americana music scene."... This is a new song written in 2016 that will be on my new CD that will be released in 2017. It was filmed at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsey by Music Fog. "Music Fog is a video dedicated venture promoting and celebrating the Americana music scene." quoted from Although I wasn't feeling my greatest during the taping, I was thrilled to have them debut me on their website. More

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Mister Goodfaith Docteur Rocker Doctor by day, accomplished musician and passionate songwriter by night,... Mister Goodfaith Docteur Rocker Doctor by day, accomplished musician and passionate songwriter by night, Fabien, aka Mister Goodfaith, combines his two lives by giving it all to each one. A one of a kind out there in a musical landscape full of carbon copies, Mister Goodfaith walks boldly walks between studio and stage with a over abundance of talent and personality separating him from the rest. His haunting melodies caress and heal the soul with the same dedication and commitment that goes into treating a bruised body in his medical practice. In his travels along the road, Fabien met sound engineer Emmanuel Feyrabend, an iconoclastic and eclectic music producer with over 15 years of success. From this fateful meeting and a mutual love of musical styles and work ethic, a friendship was born that eventually lead to a professional partnership and new album for Mister Goodfaith. Follow us on this new road of discovery, experience the new history of this Genetically Modified Doctor of Song. The journey will take you from his home studio, to the studio cabins Parisian (Twin & Omega), with some stops in the backrooms of cafes concerts to festival stages along the way. This road show shines a spotlight on Mister Goodfaith's journey, and the crazy inspiration that life on the road provided for creating his new album. Witness this testimony of this musical--and not at all typical--life! Experience the musical process, the give and take of two independent artists. It's a unique story of music and art that we so often dismiss in our far too sanitized world. With Mister Goodfaith, life and music will get real. Why not come along? More
00:04:26 - The Electric Boogie Spanglish

The Original "Electric Boogie" (also known as the "Electric Slide") is a dance song performed by Marcia Griffiths.... The Original "Electric Boogie" (also known as the "Electric Slide") is a dance song performed by Marcia Griffiths. It is strongly associated with the "Electric Slide" line dance. "Electric Boogie" was released in 1982 and reached number 51 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It was written[1] and originally recorded in 1976 with Bunny Wailer.[2] Griffiths' version was actually a hit in 1983 when it was first released, but reached its highest Billboard chart position of 51 in The Hot 100 in 1990, and has since become a celebratory staple. The song is very popular in the US at weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other special occasions. The Original song was written by Neville O'Riley Livingston O.J. (born 10 April 1947), better known as Bunny Wailer, and also as Bunny Livingston and affectionately as Jah B,[1] is a Jamaican singer songwriter and percussionist and was an original member of reggae group The Wailers along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. A three-time Grammy award winner, he is considered one of the longtime standard-bearers of reggae music. This version of “Electric Boogie” is sung partially in English and partially in Spanish, “Spanglish” and therefore has been renamed “Electric Boogie Spanglish”. The dance that was developed for this new song is an 18 Count dance. The Electric Boogie Spanglish is a special song for the Electric Slide, the first song in history to be made specifically for the Electric Slide- 18 count version! Featuring Rachel Rodriguez, Tim Heidelberg, Hillbilly Rick, and Ronnie Beard! Website: Facebook: Itunes: Label: Hillbilly Rick Music ISRC: USCGH1726115 Songwriters: Neville O’Riley Livingston Publisher: BMG Platinum Songs – OBO Solomovie Music Ltd More

Marcum Stewart - As Long As You Love It (Official Music Video) - This upbeat and catchy original song written by Stewart, Zac Wrixon, and Keith Burns, is the... - This upbeat and catchy original song written by Stewart, Zac Wrixon, and Keith Burns, is the Nashville based multi-instrumentalist’s first single from Battle Lines, his second full-length in three years on Otter Rapids Music. The video was directed by Dustin Kirkendall at PopGun Entertainment. Originally from Huntington, WV, Marcum Stewart started playing piano at the early age of 4, began writing songs at the age of 12, and taught himself how to play Guitar at age 15, then bass and drums. He was in several bands before moving to Nashville, including one in Huntington with well-known Nashville songwriter/artist Rick Huckaby called Southern Knights. Most recently Marcum was part of the country duo Acklen Park with Andrea Villarreal. The duo had chart success with their song “Great American Song” which peaked at #47. Marcum has also had four songs ("Great American Song", "Me Before You", "Put It In Drive" and "Little By Little") featured in the first season of CW's TV show "Hart of Dixie". He also has an alternative version "Great American Song" called "Our American Song" featured in the 2013 movie "Storm Rider". Always focused on his songwriting career, Marcum signed with Dan Hodges Music, LLC in August of 2012. Since being with DHM, he has had several Independent cuts and major holds. Each year he strives to get better as a writer and hopes to have more cuts under his belt and ultimately major cuts that can lead to Top 30 hits some day. To the present day, Marcum released his first full length album called "Put It In Drive" in 2014. He had his first ever #1 single as an artist in the UK for his song "Me Before You" (check out the "Press" page for details on that. He has had 7 placements with the TV show "Hart of Dixie" (both Season 1 & Season 4), and placements in the movies "Storm Rider", "On The Wing", & "Pitching Faith and Catching Love". He also won the IMEA Country Song of the Year award in 2015 for his song "Me Before You". Now he is set to release his latest album called "Battle Lines" on March 10, 2017. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Itunes: Label: Otter Rapids Music ISRC: QM9A91652919 Song IPI# SESAC# 838261 Songwriters: Marcum Stewart / Zac Wrixon / Keith Burns Publisher: Otter Rapids Music / DHM Songs / Hodges North / Rainy Graham Publishing More

Timothy Craig - You Got It (Official Music Video) - Timothy Craig was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Ft. Myers, Florida. His passion... - Timothy Craig was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Ft. Myers, Florida. His passion for music undoubtedly stems from his father, who put himself through college writing songs and fronting a five piece rock and roll band in the 60's. Surrounded by vintage guitars, classic drum kits, and tube amplifiers, Timothy formed his first band The CT2Express. The band played a lot of gigs, though never outside Timothy's living room. While in college in Gainesville, Florida, inspired by Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Jimmy Buffett, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger. Timothy began writing his own songs. Realizing that the closest music hub was in Nashville, he moved there, put a band together and spent years playing his original music in the clubs and outdoor venues including, opening for Cheap Trick at Nashville's Riverfest. The band also played several shows at the Tennessee State Women's Prison! In February of 2000, Timothy moved to Los Angeles, put a new band together and sang his songs in all the legendary L.A. clubs like The Whisky a GoGo, The Roxy and Club Lingerie. The TCB (Timothy Craig Band) also performed between the Hollywood All-Star baseball game and the Anaheim Angels baseball game at the Anaheim Angeles Stadium. In 2002, after landing various acting roles including the role of "Phil Everly" of "The Everly Brothers" on the NBC television series "American Dreams" (2002 & 2003), Timothy joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). In 2009, Timothy and his band were invited to perform in the Star Spangled Celebration in Wisconsin. Other acts in the festival were Gretchen Wilson, Blake Shelton, Kellie Pickler, Jake Owen, Eli Young Band and Kenny Rogers. Currently, Timothy spends time in Ft. Myers, Los Angeles and Nashville. He is a member of The Recording Academy (The Grammy Awards) and is a Sterling Member of the Country Music Association (CMA). Timothy has participated in the 2007, 2008 ,2009, 2012 and 2013 CMA Music Festivals / Fan Fair. He has released six albums and a University of Florida Gator Fight Song single, called "Not Done Yet". Website: Facebook: Twitter: Itunes: Label: Ball and Chain Entertainment ISRC: USCGH0804689 Song IPI# ASCAP 551016078 Songwriters: Timothy Craig / Billy Falcon Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 343151986 / BMI# 44649763 Publisher: Timothy Craig Music / Pretty Blue Songs Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 127512985 / BMI# 231984364 More

Shane Owens - All the Beer in Alabama (Official Music Video)

*Shane recently made his Opry debut and brought Randy Travis out onto the Opry stage. *Shane's New album, Where I'm... *Shane recently made his Opry debut and brought Randy Travis out onto the Opry stage. *Shane's New album, Where I'm Comin' From will be featured on Amazon's, BEST Deals page beginning on 5/18 through 5/31! *Shane will be performing at Jamboree In the Hills in St. Clairsville, Ohio on 7/14. 100,000 attendees over weekend. Covers OH/PA/WV/VA Markets *Opened for Mo Pitney at The Nashville Palace on 5/12 *Shane’s previous music video, “Country Never Goes Out of Style” has been viewed over 197,000 times on YouTube. *Currently on a Radio and Performance tour with Toby Keith’s guitarist, Rich Eckhardt “Best Traditional Country I have heard in awhile” – Bill Cody, 650 AM WSM The music business has knocked Shane Owens down, but this tough country boy is back on his feet with a triumphant debut album. The staunch country traditionalist has survived career setbacks that would have defeated most performers. Instead, he has recorded a group of songs that will make him the most applauded newcomer of the year. “I think of myself as a crusader for traditional country music,” says the Alabama stylist with the burnished baritone. “A lot of the music that’s on the radio now is not traditional country. They’ve kinda gotten away from that. I’m country, and there ain’t no other way I can be. That’s just what I am and I think the traditional style is coming back around. At some point in time, this younger generation is going to start catching on. You can already see that they are. I see it at my shows.” The fact that this new project exists is something of a minor miracle. Every other time he tried to make a record, the music industry burned his dream to the ground. Until this year, all his hard work had always seemed to be in vain. Shane Owens built a following in nightclubs of the Southeast for a decade. Fans flocked to hear his powerfully emotional singing. He opened shows for dozens of major stars, and word from them trickled back to Nashville’s music executives. Inevitably, he was offered a recording contract but, they only offered Owens a deal to make singles, not an album and he gracefully passed on the offer. A second record label approached him. In 2005, a Shane Owens CD titled Let’s Get On It briefly saw the light of day. Its single, “Bottom of the Fifth,” was a hit in Texas and was halfway up the national charts when the label folded. His album was on the market for less than 100 days. Owens dusted himself off and pushed forward. Producer James Stroud (Chris Young, Clint Black, etc.) took him under his wing. A second album was recorded and ready for release in 2009 when its record company also went under. This time, Shane Owens was badly bruised. There was a silver lining in his second album’s demise, however. He was able to maintain ownership of the stellar songs he’d recorded with James Stroud. These now form the basis of his new CD for Amerimonte Records, along with several newly recorded tunes with the also esteemed Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Collin Raye, etc.). The result is a pluperfect portrait of a proud country traditionalist. There is just one detail in this picture that might seem strange: Although his voice sounds marinated in Jack Daniels, this honky-tonk singer is a straight arrow. “I’ve never smoked, I don’t chew, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink. I’ve never been in any kind of trouble. I’ve never even had a speeding ticket. Some people don’t get that.” says the outstanding barroom stylist. On the other hand, maybe things are just right, just the way they are: “I’ve been blessed to be brought up the way I was brought up. And I’ve learned the hard way that you’ve got to be yourself. That’s what’s gonna sell: Me being me. Maybe this whole thing is meant to be, and I’ve been through all of this for a reason, and the third time’s the charm.” Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Artists iTunes: Artist Label: Amerimont Records, LLC ISRC: USASN1501551 Song IPI# SESAC# 54994622 Songwriters: Shane Owens, Dan Murph, Phillip Douglas Songwriters’ IPI#: SESAC# 476064049, BMI# 419517157, SESAC# 39444471 Publisher: Oxi Rock Music / 231 South Publishing / Sixteen Stars Music / Curb Songs Publisher IPI#: SESAC# 476063934 / BMI# 232613992 More

Bailey James - Run Girl (Official Music Video)

Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ... Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Label: Bailey James Music, LLC ISRC: USTME1750214 Song IPI# ASCAP# 890876360 Songwriters: Bailey James Koehler / Steve O’Brien / Julie Downs Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 770971119 / BMI# 39304198 / BMI# 529616336 Publisher: Bailey James Music, LLC / Steve O’Brien Music / Self Published Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 780906321 / BMI# 67647051 / Unknown More
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