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  3. Tuesday, August 16th, 2016
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Hi! Great start on the site. Hal had asked me to take a look and I had a couple of thoughts. It would be super to go to Search and be able to pick a genre and just see everything available within it. Along that same line, it would be great to be able to scroll through a list of artists and listen to their music. I didn't see where you could do that, so if it is there, it may not be obvious enough.

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Hi Amy, thanks for the suggestions! The first part of your suggestion is almost there but it requires people to tag their videos and music with the appropriate genre like "outlaw country" or "latin" etc. We will look into making this easier through a couple of methods. As for the lists of artists, we're working on that now so keep an eye out on the front page over the next couple of weeks...

Thanks for the feedback!!!

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