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About American Music Channel – A Social Networking Platform for Musicians

7 years ago

Founded by former CEO of Country Music Television and CMT Europe, Hal Willis, American Music Channel is a social networking platform for musicians to connect them with industry professionals.

American Music Channel is for…

The Emerging Artist

You are an emerging artist looking for a way to kick-start your career, and you have the talent, but you are not sure where to go from here. We have the tools and experience to help you get where you want to be. 

  • You have access to millions of fans through a customized online presence, and you can connect with them using social media tools and internet marketing tools. 
  • You have access to full download capabilities for audio, video, and branded merchandise sales on global levels. 
  • If you achieve a viral level of success, you will have access to top industry career management professionals within the American Music Channel to advance you to the most advanced professional level of the music business. 

The Music Consumer

Artists are not successful without their fans. We connect you with the artists you love, getting you their content first, and giving you exclusive opportunities to interact with them. 

  • You can use a social networking platform designed to build a community and discover new musicians. 
  • You will have access to a wide variety of music-related products and services, including artist merchandise such as books, clothing, hats, and ring tones.
  • As a fan, you will have chances to connect with artists, and you will have access to a variety of opportunities including exclusive artist chat rooms, behind the scenes footage, tour dates, pre-sale to concert tickets, VIP packages, community forums, and interactive blogs. 

The Emerging Songwriter

As a songwriter, you want to find the best artists to sing your songs. American Music Channel connects songwriters with the top A&R and music supervisors to get your work seen by the right people. 

  • You have virtual access to submit songs for specific projects within successful and lucrative markets, such as global television and movie production environments. 
  • You have virtual access to thousands of emerging artists in our community who may be looking for original material.

The Industry Professional

As an industry professional, you will be able to search for new talent virtually through American Music Channel’s network of artists. People from across the industry come to American Music Channel to connect, network, and create alliances. As a social networking platform for musicians, we welcome members of all different areas of the industry, including artists, musicians, songwriters, sound and audio engineers, publishers, producers, recording studios, managers, PR, venues, photographers, stylists, and the plethora of other industry professionals.

Join our community now! We serve not only as a social networking platform for musicians but also as a place for fans to discover new musicians and get in touch with artists they love.

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