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Common Song Structures

7 months ago

There are several common song structures used in popular music. Here are a few examples:

Song Structures

1. Verse-Chorus: This is one of the most common structures. It consists of alternating verses and choruses. The verse typically tells a story or provides some context, while the chorus is the catchy and memorable part that often contains the main message of the song.

2. Verse-Pre-Chorus-Chorus: This structure adds a pre-chorus section between the verse and chorus. The pre-chorus serves as a buildup or transition leading into the main chorus.

3. AABA: This structure often used in jazz and musical theater songs. It consists of two verses (A sections), followed by a contrasting bridge (B section), and then returns to another verse (A section).

4. ABAB: This structure has alternating verses and a repeating chorus. The verses have different lyrics each time, while the chorus remains the same.

5. Intro-Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus-Outro: This is a more extended structure that includes an introduction at the beginning and an outro at the end. It follows the pattern of verse-chorus-verse-chorus, then introduces a bridge section that adds variety before returning to the final chorus and ending.

These are just a few examples, and song structures can vary greatly depending on the style, genre, and individual creativity. Feel free to experiment and create your own unique structures that suit your song and artistic vision.