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Articulate Hope

Articulate Hope

  • Greg Nordstrom

    Searched for “Hope” this evening and got two hits. One was Hope Nordstrom and the other was something about Articulate Hope.jpg. When I clicked on the link it took me to my own profile. I repeated this a couple of times.

    Here’s a screenshot of the search result with the janky link:

    EDIT: Looks like the attachment didn’t make it. I’ll try again…
    EDIT2: Not sure if the attachment is actually being attached (no indication of such). I’m clicking “Add File” in the Attachments area, selecting a .png file, and clicking Submit. I also tried clicking “Insert” after selecting the file to attach, but apparently no joy. (Even if the file(s) have been attached, the user has no indication that the file has been attached.)
    EDIT3: I did a “Preview” before submitting and still got no indication of the attachment, but when I returned to the Edit Post screen, I could see that the attachment was there.

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