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Ruby Leigh Pearson

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Ruby Leigh Pearson Lit’l Miss Country is a fun loving little girl, she loves animals her family and her Lord and Savior.
Ruby is a self taught vocalist who has only been singing for a year and comes from a very non musical family from the Small 150 person town of Foley Missouri.
Ruby sings Classic Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Mountain, and Southern Gospel Music, it all started one day when Ruby came into her daddy’s barn one day while I was working and it was the first time she ever heard these types of music and she said dad what in the heck are you listening too? He told her don't come in here making fun my music ! She says no I didn't mean anything by that I just never ever heard this type of music before ! He said well let me tell you about it then ! my music tells a story first you have to hear the story then you will hear the beautiful music!
Well Ruby sat for about 20-30 minutes in complete silence just listening to the music that was playing and she said daddy I can hear the beautiful music ?! He told her that's great and Kept on working and then he heard Ruby Singing and could not believe his ears, He said he snuck from under the car He was working on and watched her singing amazed at how beautiful it sounded after a minute He said Ruby that really sounds great it surprised her and she said dad your listening to me He said yes and you sounded really good! She said you really think so He said I do well Another song came on and it was Guy Clarks song The Dublin Blues Ruby said I really like this one Her daddy said me too why don’t you learn it for me and sing it for me sometime well the very next day she says daddy what was the name of that song He told her the name and Two hours later she had memorized the whole song word for word He could not believe it and she sang it very well after about the third time singing it He recorded it and posted it to Facebook and she got a lot of compliments from it mostly just family and friends, Ruby’s mother Terri Pearson said well what do you think to her Father Casey Pearson he said
well they are family and friends they won't say hey she's horrible and tell her to stop, LOL
Well a week or so passed and she had already memorized the lyrics to about 7-8 songs she would sing Acapella around the House.
The family went to a flea market one day to look for Antiques and she spotted two gentlemen playing guitar and singing and she said to her daddy look with excitement pointing towards them, He said yes they are playing for tips from the crowd !
Not having a clue Ruby was wanting to sing He kept walking and Ruby says do you think they would let me sing a song?
Thats when he knew she wanted to sing and she wanted her father to go ask them if she could sing a song, He said I'm not that type of person to push my children on to someone ! He told Ruby I have no idea if they would or not? And started walking again and she says very loudly behind him
HUUUMM I just wonder if they would?
He turned around and told Ruby I can guarantee you Of just one thing for sure! She said what's that ? He said do you see those guys up there singing ? she said yes ! He said I can guarantee you neither of them will get up from their stools and come off that hill and ask has anyone seen Ruby today we would love to have her sing today ! She said OK OK OK I will ask them will you just please go up there with me? He said sure as the gentleman finished their song and turned to us standing there and said hey how are you folks doing today and Ruby horrified Blurts out can I sing a song? They were so shocked it took them a minute to get out you want to sing and Ruby says yes, they said ok and asked her what do you want to sing ? She replied how about You Will Never Leave Harlan Alive their mouths hit the ground not believing this just came out of the mouth of a 9 year old little girl in pig tails they both looked at each other and said we don't know that one never they asked her do you know anything else she said what about the Mountain do you know it ? No ! How about 16th Avenue? No!
They said how about you just sing Acapella! Ruby stood there a few seconds eyes squinting measuring theme both up and said I don't think I know that one !!
They said no that means without music LOL ?!
Ruby says ok and begins her singing career after singing for about 15-20 seconds she starts to draw a crowd at the bottom of the hill and about half way through they start up the hill dropping tips in the gentlemen's bucket The asked her to sing a few more with the same reaction as the first song!
After finishing up they invited her to their gig the following weekend at Pumpkins Galore where she once again sang Acapella and on her last song a gentleman stopped her after she exited the stage and asked if she would want to get up on stage and sing with them she said sure and he said well were up next and my band is unloading equipment and guess what ? What ? We know your music ! They had Ruby pick a song to sing and practice it with the band behind the stage once !
She got up and sang Delta Dawn and the Crowd loved it ! The gentleman asked Ruby to wait around until their break he wanted to talk to her ! He came to her on his break and said Ruby that was really good how long have you been singing Ruby says oh about 3 Weeks! He Says 3 WEEKS? Yes ! He asked her what instrument do you play? She said I don't play any! He says what instruments does your family play? They don't play any ! Well then who else sings in your family?
No one just me !
He says that's amazing Ruby !!
What instrument do you want to play ? Ruby says well I want to play the guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonica, Accordian, and Fiddle!
He could not believe his ears, he says Ruby let
Me introduce my self my name is George Portz I'm a National Open Fiddle Champion as well as My Mother, My Father, and Grandfather
We're also champions as well !
But you know my Son never won a fiddle Championship! Do you know why ? Ruby said no ?
He asked her have you ever heard of Allison Krauss? Ruby said yes I love Allison Krauss!
He said well Allison Krauss won every Fiddle Contest she ever Entered and beat my son every time but do you know what else she did, she sang her first song on my stage at 9 years old just like you and guess what she sang ? Delta Dawn and I want to tell you I see a lot of the very same qualities in you that I seen in her at that age ! He then told her I would love to work with you and have you on my stage any time you can make it to my show !
She has sang on many of his shows since that day !
After hearing this from someone who knows music we figured she must have some talent for sure!
Well her big sister Sandra Pearson AKA The World Famous Grumpy signs her up for a Open competition Karaoke contest where she sang Acapella all the way to the finals and surprised everyone in Attendance including St.Louis Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright who had her Autograph his Cell Phone And He told her he was going to retire that phone and he said when your Famous I will promise you I will bring it back Stage at one of your shows and remind you of how I was your first big fan !
Since that time she was Signed into the GCMA Gateway Country Music Association At 9 years old and she has sang on a bunch of Opry’s across the Midwest, She recorded her very first single song God Bless The Land Of The Free which went to #1 quickly on Southern Country Radio and at 8 weeks was a Station Record well it is still at number one at week 21 !! and in the past few months closing out her first year of singing she has shared the stage with up and coming Super Star Tony Jackson and Two Mega Stars Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee and just a couple of weeks ago she was asked to open up the Show for a sold out crowd for the Legendary band
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Where she stole their hearts and the show!
All of these superstars all had one thing in common they all loved Lit’l Miss Country and Predict she will one day be a superstar her self
She also received her first artist endorsement from Roadie Tuner Co. in her very first year singing and was asked to Represent them at The NAAM Show in Anaheim California is a Music Industry Show And a huge opportunity for any Artist let alone a 10 year old self taught singer from the little forgotten town of Foley Missouri!
Ruby Dreams Of one day meeting her idol Miss Loretta Lynn whom she Loves and gets her encouragement from because Loretta is also a self taught singer and she also has a very strong and powerful singing voice like Ruby does !
Ruby was once asked what would you like to do in your singing career in the next couple years Ruby said that’s easy sing on the Grand Ole Opry and Meet Loretta they said ok now it’s going to get a lot harder you can only pick one which would it be ? Take your time we know this is a hard one Ruby said without a second thought well that’s easy I want to meet Miss Loretta for sure! If I’m a good enough singer they will want me to sing on the Grand Ole Opry Some day but there is only one Loretta Lynn and I would do anything to meet her and sing for her or with her what ever she wants!
This is from a 10 year old little girl who knows what she wants and is working very hard to make her small town girl dreams come true !
Ruby was also recently selected as one of the top 15 unsigned artists in the world by Fair Play County Music and also made the cover of their 2018 Calendar
Attended NAMM 2018 in CA and picked up several endorsements including Martin Guitar and Graff Gitar Lab.
July 2018 Ruby is The 2018 Country Music Division Overall World Champion and won gold and silver in country and gospel music. She competed with 64 other countries at The World Championships of Performing Arts in CA.
So keep your eyes and ears open for Lit’l Miss Country Ruby Leigh Pearson as she is really making a name for her self very quickly!