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(Lack) of Ease of account set-up

(Lack) of Ease of account set-up

  • Pamela Evans

    I am used to working on a Macintosh computer and the intuitive nature it offers the user. I did not find the set-up process for my online account with you to be intuitive. It should be much easier to add photos for a profile and to share as much or as little as one wants to in one’s profile. For example, I finally figured out that one needs to set up an online photo folder. I was never able to click on a photo residing on my desktop to add to my account. I kept getting the proverbial spinning ball. Maybe you have a preferred browser? I did try with Safari, Firefox and Google. I was finally able to set up a folder logging in through Safari and complete the set up process.

    I would also like to understand how you will protect our identities on your site given the proliferation of identity theft in our culture today.

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