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Part 1: Website Feedback from MK

Part 1: Website Feedback from MK

  • Michelle Kraker

    Hi Fellas! Just some notes, take or leave. Thanks!! Looking forward to chatting more as things progress.

    Event page:
    Option to submit an event for moderator approval?

    Home page:
    Remove “The” from American Music Channel – or has this been discussed. For instance, it’s not “The reverbnation” or “The facebook” – it’s just reverbnation or facebook.
    I would remove G+ social icon, it’s just not representative of a forward-thinking application.
    Event listing should link to respective event on event page
    “join now” button?

    Videos page:
    Option to submit your own?
    Option to like

    There is an option to “Log out” on several pages – maybe remove? want people to stay on the site and make it not so prevalent on each page that you are opting to log out. Different call to action buttons could be there instead – taking them on a click-thru journey to explore other pages on the site.

    Buttons to consider adding:
    See: http://tidal.com/us
    LEARN MORE – Giving users an option to “join now” “log in” or in smaller font “learn more” before making a decision

    I find it difficult to easily add friends. Also, it’s hard to know if they are an artist or a user. Can you give people an option to have a one-liner bio as part of the sign up process? Would help in the community building and finding people with similar interests, etc. Or maybe there are certain categories you can lump people into? Similar to facebook business pages – you have to select which category/categories you belong to.

    In thinking about how users want to connect with and FIND other users, I think this is where you could really benefit from categories or one-liner bios with each photo. https://techiehaus.com/wp/index.php/social/profiles/item/1-registered-users >>
    – You have to do a hard refresh to find other users not in default gallery
    – Are you going to be 100% transparent about how many registered users you have?

    That’s all for now, but I plan to send more notes as I have them and can spend more time on the site. Great work, guys!!


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