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Steve Baker

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I’ve been in the Country music industry in Nashville since 1989 in artist management, label marketing, radio promotion and video promotion. Over 20 years ago, I started my own music video promotion company, Visual Image Marketing. I specialize in promoting professionally shot Country and Americana music videos to music networks and outlets, not only across the Nation, but around the world. During that time, I’ve promoted over 350 music videos for independent music artists: from brand new artists to established artists like Kevin Costner, Charley Pride, The Bellamy Brothers and Dolly Parton.

One thing that sets me apart in my video promotions is that I’m working directly for you to get your video played in as many places as I possibly can during the promotion period. Over the past 20+ years, I’ve been a one man team and my name is on every video that goes out my door, so I’m committed to delivering 110 percent for the video outlets I promote to, but more importantly, to the artists that hire me to promote their videos. I’m selective in whose videos I choose to promote and I only take those videos that speak to me and I know I can get behind fully. Also, I’m thankfully Blessed that I have about a 75% – 80% referral and returning artist rate.

A definite advantage I have in video promotion is that I don’t have nearly as many “gatekeepers” as radio does, so I’m promoting videos directly to programmers that can add them without going through any corporate red tape. Most of these programmers are looking for great video content to provide to their audience. They have looked to me for the past 17 years to supply them with quality music videos. Many of these shows have potential viewing audiences in the hundreds of thousands and a few of them have potential household viewership in the millions and tens of millions. It’s very difficult to get that type of concentrated airplay on radio, especially right out of the box!

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