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VIRGINIA: Perfect Day

7 years ago

Virginia is a Ukrainian indie-pop, electro-pop singer and songwriter, and an ex-member of the popular Ukrainian group SMS whose songs have topped the musical charts of her home country and are widely loved by audiences worldwide. After SMS finished touring, Virginia started searching to make her own musical path. She has since successfully performed at the X-Factor show in Ukraine and shortly thereafter began realizing her solo ideas and composing her own songs.

Recently, Virginia released her first single titled “Perfect Day” and has shot her first music video. This song was written to cheer up and inspire people who are afraid to believe in themselves. She says, “They hesitate if they can do this or that and they are afraid to take the risk, to show their ideas, share their thoughts and feelings.” Virginia believes that we mustn’t loose heart, we should believe in our talents and in our power to make our dreams come true. Everyone is an individual and special, and every day is perfect if we accept it as it comes.

Virginia’s love of different music styles explains her wide repertoire of styles which include Jazz, Pop, Disco, RnB and House. Presently, Virginia is working on her own songs in a modern dance style. Her performances attract interest, love and admiration from the public due to her powerful voice, sincerity, grace, inspiration and strong energy.

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