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    • Herbie Takes The Ryman

      By: Emily J Ramey Photos By: Josh Silver
    • Holiday Conversation Corner with Mark Wayne Glasmire

      By: Andrew Vaughan 1) What is your favorite Holiday memory as a child? "I have been blessed to have nothing but fond memories of Christmas throughout my entire life. Having been born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 'The Christmas City,' has always made those memories that much more special. I believe my fondest memories are of the times that...
    • Ten Mistakes That Many Artists Make When Trying To Book Themselves

      By: Vinny Ribas 1. Bragging. It is not about how good you are! It's always about how you can help the person or the venue hiring you meet their goals!
    • Steering Your Own Musical Destiny

      By: Vinny Ribas There are leaders, and there are followers. Leaders take the bull by the horns and they run with it. They create, innovate, and find solutions. They are constantly generating new ideas and then acting on them. Followers, on the other hand, wait to ride the coattails of others. They see what else is working and then try to duplicate it. They...
    • London's Rock and Roll Hotels

      By: Andrew Vaughan Is there a city with a richer musical pedigree than London? Sure, music fans make Mecca-like treks to New York and Los Angeles, Nashville and Austin and Seattle. Some even wander around Paris looking for Jim Morrison's grave, and yes, there is that place called Liverpool that gave us John, Paul, and Ringo, but London...
    • The Leader Of The Band

      By: Vinny Ribas Every business has a leader - someone who establishes the personality, attitude, work ethic, moral standards and code of conduct for the rest of the company. The person who founded the company automatically takes on that role from the very first day. Oftentimes he (or she) doesn’t even realize the impact he is having or that he is...
    • The Imperfect Artist

      By: Vinny Ribas I was not a good singer. My pitch was often off. The quality of my voice was fair. I honestly paled when compared to most. I was not a flashy drummer, but I was solid. I was a poor piano player. However, if you wanted a good song arrangement, I was your man. I could make ballads soar with lush or soaring strings. I could accent R&B...
    • Conversation Corner with JD Souther

      By: Andrew Vaughan A key figure in California’s country rock and singer/songwriter movement of the early 70s, JD Souther wrote some of the finest songs of that era, including the Eagles' "Heartache Tonight," "Victim of Love," "New Kid In Town," and "Best of My Love."  He also penned a few classics for one...
    • "On a Bold Horizon" with Brendan James

      By: Emily J Ramey Brendan James approaches the pop world with an uncommon and bright new image - himself. James chooses to share with his audiences truth and life and knowledge, but all of his own. Instead of playing a part, James portrays himself exactly as he is - warm, introspective, kind - and has therefore achieved abounding success on his terms.
    • Conversation Corner with Holly Williams

      By: Andrew Vaughan Holly Williams may just be the most exciting singer-songwriter to come down the pike since Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle and Nanci Griffith burst onto the scene over twenty years ago. Holly Williams has that natural songwriter’s ability to say deep profound things with apparently effortless simplicity. It’s a gift she...
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    • BLOC PARTY Announces EP of 5 New Songs! » Read More

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    By : Andrew Vaughan

    As the whole world begins to focus on The United Kingdoms capital city the evangelical music fan in me has ben reminded of the feature I wrote here a couple of years ago on a few of London’s rock and roll hotels. A lot of questions followed, mostly music fans and tourists wanting more specific information.

    So, with the Olympics here and with thousands of you heading to London for the sports fiesta, this American based “Londoner” doesn’t want anyone to miss out on a huge opportunity to discover some of London’s greatest musical landmarks. So the next few Music City 411 blogs are going to see me waxing lyrical about the music heritage of my hometown. And for anyone visiting for the first time and wanting to spend some time exploring London’s musical history I’ve highlighted some safe and top-rated music-flavored hotels to make your trip as easy and rewarding as possible. I’ve stayed, eaten and drank in all the places I talk about and traipsed every street been in every venue mentioned and ridden every bus train and taxi recommended.

    So let’s start where it all started. The Beatles!


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